Contractor taking a long time to break ground

Sheldon_WIJuly 2, 2014

This is my first post so please bear with me. Our contractor has had all the permits pulled for a month but has yet to break ground because the forecast continues to show a slight possibility for rain. The frustrating part is that we have been on the schedule with the excavator/concrete company for a week and a half and there have been perfectly clear sunny days and they do nothing.

I understand digging a foundation in the rain is not good but our excavation is basically digging down two feet and filling the hole with gravel and pouring the slab on grade for a 1400 sq ft house. Meanwhile the contractor has been taking side jobs but assures us that once it starts it will go quickly.

Does this seem like he has been stalling to you or is waiting a month normal and I am just being impatient?

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How is the soil moisture at the job site ... if it's soggy clay, he may fear that it will flow in the hole as fast as he digs.

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The soil is silt loam which does hold moisture. However we have a four foot deep test hole near the foundation site and the water after it rains is usually half way up the hole. My issue is that on the sunny days that hole is dry but nothing happens at the site then when it is a 10 - 20% chance for rain the next day he does nothing because it could rain.

He insists that he wants the foundation in almost as much as we do but I don't see progress. How do I get progress on my build?

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10 to 20% chance of rain, means 8o to 90% that it won't.

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Apparently posting concerns to this forum gets things done.. The excavator is digging for the foundation now. Hopefully we won't have anymore hang ups..

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I feel for you. We started to build this winter and it was the worst winter in my lifetime! Our builder said they can normally work in anything, cold, rain, snow, heat, but it was brutal and feet upon feet of snow. Good luck to you and keep on him!

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our permits were pulled about 10 weeks before blding began
our builder is just now starting houses he thought would be started in april
weather, very busy subs, difficulty in getting "dirt" for "pads" (rained almost every week)
one builder friend says in 30 plus years of building he's never refused customer, right now builders are so busy they are telling people to contact them in October if they're still interested

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The biggest regret when I built my house, I believed when the builder said even though he was running late that he'd catch up.
If I did it again I'd have fired him, too much stress wondering when things are 'going to get back on track'. They don't.

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