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MGDawgJuly 21, 2012

Hi everybody,

It's been a little while since I posted an update to our house plans. It took a bit of time to make some of the great suggestions into actual fixes on the plan. It's also a busy season for our drafter... but we've got an updated plan.

For reference, here's the original post: First Real Post - Please Review/Comment on Floor Plan

2nd Floor

We mostly focused on changing the common bathroom into a more usable setup for a multi-child househould. Also, we combined two of the closets/storage areas into a single, bigger area. This also allowed us to move the laundry chute to an area that would allow us to make changes to the first floor mudroom.

1st Floor

The major change was the reconfiguration of the mudroom and powder room. The laundry chute was moved and this allowed us to "wall-off" the laundry area. We'll still need to walk through the laundry area at times, but it's not in the way anymore for quick entries and exits through the mudroom. Also, the closet in the vestibule was removed and replaced with coat hooks.


We now have plans for our basement. We will not be finishing the basement with the main build, but I do want the plan set, so that we know where the plumbing rough-ins should go for example. Here's our proposed layout:

and here's what the drafter came back with:

My biggest question with that layout is whether the movie room works? It's a strange layout I admit. I'll see with the drafter if there's a way to not have that bump-in at the foundation level.

So that's it. Again, would appreciate your thoughts and comments.


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On the first floor the only real issues I see is the tv/ family room has no access to the kitchen. Making a u-turn around those steps could get irritating.
Also the path from the garage to the kitchen has the same issue. Is there a way to place the pantry somewhere else and open that area up as a doorway?

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Oh and yes I think a movie room would work there. It is wide and shallow which I would think would make for optimal viewing.

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