New option for placement of stairs. Please tell me what you thin

lexmomof3July 28, 2012

This is the original placement but I don't really like the entry way to the staircase at the front door. I'll post the revised placement in the next reply.

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What do you think about this revised placement? It's a 1.5 story house but I think the roof line will accommodate this placement. I was going to just flip the staircase but the roof line is sloped on the second story so that won't work. I guess, most importantly, if I can't find a place to put the stairs that I really like, am I over thinking the original placement? Maybe I've built it up in my mind worse than it is. What do you think? Thanks so much for your help!

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I like the second stair placement MUCH better! First, I prefer the aesthetics of L- or U-shaped stairs. Second, I prefer the functionality of stairs that go into the living area, since that is the path that you will use 99% of the time.

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I like the second placement much better. I think it will tie the second floor into the house better. Have you thought about flipping the closet around, so it opens into the foyer? Seems as though it will be a long way to hang guests coats. Unless you live in a climate where that is not a concern, I suppose.

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I don't mind staircases in the foyer, if they are beautiful, but I do think your change is the most practical way to orient it. Question...are you using the living room as a living room or den? I would let it open to the foyer if it will be pretty...otherwise it will just be a long wall in your foyer.

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Based on your previous postings, I would think about the walking path once you get upstairs. You could change the door opening for the front bedroom to be right beside where the stairs go down. But for the other two bedrooms and the bonus room - when you got to the top of the stairs, you would have to make a u-turn to get to the bedrooms.

I think the new placement is functional for the downstairs but for the upstairs - think about the walking path to get to the various rooms and if that is acceptable for you and your family.

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Remind everyone-- no basement right?
If that is so, you an put your coat entry closet under the stairs where the basement door is drawn.

I need a reminder of the upstairs for how it will work for up there, but this placement does work better for downstairs.

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