gloriamApril 21, 2013

Can I use java or isn't it safe to use yet. I play alote of POGO games and can't play them with out java?

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I use Java every day and haven't encountered a problem yet.

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Java is porous as far as security goes. Oracle tries everything they can to reduce and deter intrusion, but their responses do have limitations.

I personally haven't had Java on my system since they last go- round, and haven't missed it.

All that being said, I have an associate who also plays on Pogo, and I needed to install the current version of Java so she may do so.

I would say the proper approach is to be fully informed of the pluses and minuses of Java, and make an informed decision as to its use.


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Unfortunately, I have to run Java because my broker's trading platform is written in Java.

If you keep Java, be sure that you have real-time malware protection and run weekly scans.

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yes you can use JAVA for playing POGO game. Java is very secure, But for gaming Eclipse is best. It is more secure than jdk. Eclipse is protected to malware.

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