Do stairs squeak if you do built in storage?

ontariomomJuly 29, 2012

Hi GW,

We want to do some built in storage under our basement stairs as per the link below (first two pictures). One of the assistant framers (boss framer is away) said if we framed for the storage it could increase the risk of having squeaking basement stairs (stairs will be carpeted). Did anyone else do built in storage under their stairs, and if so do you stairs squeak? If not, do you know how they framed under the stairs to avoid squeaking? Any builders out there have experience with this issue?



Here is a link that might be useful: under stair storage

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I'm no expert by any means but it seems like the stairs would have to be built somewhat similar to open stairs for the construction to be solid and then the enclosed parts are not structural.

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Most of the squeaks I see (and repair) are from poorly built stairs, no matter how they are supported.

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Hi Lyfia and brickeyee,

Thanks for your ideas. Yes, if the stairs were built similar to open stairs that would give us lots of under stair options. I believe the stairs are well built.

Can anyone elaborate as to how to best support these stairs, and still make use of under the stair storage? Thanks.


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