Something wrong with Avast Web Shield?

lydia1959April 11, 2011

I've got 4 infected pages alerts from Avast Web Shield within the past 5 minutes.. a couple were 'malware detected' and a couple were 'trojan horse blocked'. These are pages I normally check during the day (a trivia game, Wellspere and a thyroid forum). I can't imagine that there is really a problem with them.

Avast seems to be working fine otherwise. I am using Windows 7 and Firefox.

False positives maybe??

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Up -Date and run a Malwarebytes scan for starters. See if shows anything.

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On the pop ups it says 'HTML:RedirME-inf (trj)'. This is a trojan or malware?

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Okay, ran Malwarebytes and that came up clean. Ran my AV and there was 870 infected pages which were put into the Avast chest. Ran a slower scan at Avast and this time nothing was found, but a few pages couldn't be opened. Just clicked on my trivia game and no pop-up this time... so hopefully the problem has been taken care of.

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

You're not alone. I also began receiving multiple Avast reports of blocked malware and trojans late this afternoon. It said the infection was:


I updated Malwarebytes and began a full scan. In the midst of the scan, Avast popped up and said something to the effect that it wanted to do a boot scan. I let it.

It reported:

C:\CMPNETS\MEDIACTR\I386\MEDIACTR.CAB:>>rmtview.chm:>htm\accessibility.htm is infected by HTML:script-inf

There were several options and I chose "Move to Chest". The response was:

"Move to chest: ERROR 42111 (the operation is not supported for this type of archive.)

I selected Escape, the computer rebooted, and I ran a full Malwarebytes scan. It found no infections.

My computer seems to be back to "normal".

HP XP Media Center; SP3, FF 3.6.16, Avast 5.1.889, MAM, ZA, SAS, Spybot SAD, Spyware Blaster

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It's likely a false positive. There's literally HUNDREDS of people on Twitter complaining of the same issue,

Problem was with bad Avast update (110411-1). Check your Engine & Definition update status and if you have that one, run another update.

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I had trouble getting an update this afternoon shortly after 3PM EDT. I kept getting an error (403, I believe). I gave up and later did a manual update which went just fine.

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Problem I had with the error 403 must have been sorted out yesterday as I got my update on the 12th

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