Bosch DW gives off funny smell after several days of non-use....

drummer13August 6, 2006

I've done some searching on this subject and found some other people who seem to have a similar problem but never really found a definitive answer as to why this is happening. I think I may have figured out the issue, and a possible cure...

Immediately after I do a load of dishes, there is no smell. However, after about two or three days, a foul odor starts build up inside of it, usually getting worse and worse as the days progress. And this happens even if I don't put any dirty dishes in there.

So I opened the drain at the bottom of the tub and noticed a small amount of undrained water from the previous load... maybe about 1/2" of standing water. Again, this water is not in the tub itself, but underneath the drain cap, down in the pumping mechanism below the tub. I am thinking this small amount of water gets left behind because it can't overcome the high-loop after the drain pump shuts off, so it falls back down the tube and sits down inside the bottom of the drain until the next time I run the DW.

With that said, I was thinking maybe it wouldn't hurt to keep a small eye dropper full of bleach, and after every load, just open the drain cap and put a drop of bleach down inside there to help kill whatever is causing the smell. Now I know bleach is bad for the door seals, but this is water that will never touch the inside of the tub because it has already drained out of the tub and is sitting, as mentioned before, underneath the drain. As well, we're only talking about one little drop.

Anybody have any other thought or insight on this? For example, should I expect the DW to pump out every last drop of water from the drain tube or am I correct in assuming that the high-loop will always cause a little bit of drain water to fall back down after the DW shuts off?

By the way, I bought the Dishwasher Magic product, but it won't work because after the first load of dishes, I'm right back where I started, with a fresh supply of dirty water.

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Our GC says he has two of these bosch dish drawers and just hates them. He says that after they put them in because theythought they were such a neat idea he discovered that they mostly hand wash, anyway, and so they don't use the dishwasher often enough. He says the standing wter in the bottom gets rancid and that its an incorrectible part of the design. If you ran a load every day you'd be ok, because the water would drain out in the next run and be replaced by new water which wouldn't have time to get rancid. He told us he plans to pull them out in a few years and put back in a regular dishwasher.


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We have one of these and it also smells. I just assumed it was the dirty dishes getting rancid. It is consistantly run every other day so it never gets too bad. Also it is pretty much the same as the other dishwashers we've owned.

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For the record, this is not a drawer type... it's a standard dishwasher. Ironically, at our old house, we had an el-cheapo $300.00 Whirlpool dishwasher, installed without a high-loop, and never had odor problems.

Well, I just ran a cycle with DW Magic... so we'll see what happens. But in theory, I don't believe this will solve the problem because the next time I do a load, there will be a new batch of dirty water to contend with.

I was also thinking, instead of using bleach as mentioned in my original post, maybe just dropping a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar down the drain (without running it) will keep the odor down. Hmmmmm.....

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It's normal for some water to remain underneath the filter - it's to keep all the seals moist.

Smells are usually caused by some sort of (sometimes barely visible) grease residue that can built up over time - which *should* be removed by DW Magic. In some severe cases, however, dishwashers have to be taken apart for a full cleaning.


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another thing I didn't mention... this is a brand new DW, only a couple months old, and the smell pretty much started after doing only one or two loads right after it was originally installed. So I don't think there's much buildup in there yet.

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abfab, far as I know, there is no such thing as a Bosch brand dishwasher drawer. They are only available under the Fisher & Paykel, DCS, and KitchenAid brands in the U.S. The European market does have one or two other drawer brands, but they're ALL manuf'd by F&P. I've had an F&P unit since 8/21/2003 and haven't had any trouble with odors, and I DO NOT run it every day. Sometimes only once per week.

Yes, there's some water left in the sump, but that's the case with EVERY dishwasher I've ever seen. And washing machines as well. It is not to be considered a problem or design flaw.

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Don't know how helpful this will be, but I have a two-year-old Bosch dw. No problem w/ smells in mine, but my owner's manual recommends running at least a rinse & hold cycle daily if you don't run a full cycle in order to keep down odors. The vinegar (or a sprinkling of baking soda) couldn't hurt, though. As mentioned above, water in the lower area (below the drain plate) is normal in my experience.

I do seem to recall smelling some sort of odor when the machine was new, but it eventually went away.

The only other thought (and maybe someone else has more info & can elaborate) is that something may be draining back into the machine. The high loop or sink-top air gap should prevent this, though. Does the dw drain through a garbage disposal & have you noticed any drain problems there or in the sink drain? Has the disposal knockout plug been removed? Good luck!

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Okay, so that is gross. We will have a bosch in a week. Please keep us updated if the dw magic, vinegar, or whatever works.

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sdmommy, weÂve been using our Bosch dishwasher for nearly four months and have not experienced any odor issues. We only use it a few times a week when we have a large quantity of dishes to do at once, and otherwise hand-wash as we go (no dirty dishes pile up in the dw in-between loads). I donÂt doubt that some are having issues, IÂm just pointing out that you shouldnÂt necessarily expect odor issues as a given. I will, however, keep an eye on this post for a solution should my dw start to stink.

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We have been using our Bosch DW for more than 3 yrs and have no problem. I do run it almost daily full or not. I wash all pots and pans, bowls, utensil etc with the dishes.

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we have had our bosch for 2 years, in the past 6-8 months, i have noticed THE smell... recently, i have put about a half cup of white vinegar in the bottom of the d/w after removing clean dishes... this has cut down on the smells from the d/w and allowed me to find the other 'smelly' places... trash compactor and garbage disposal... both are now getting the white vinegar treatment!!! of course, with the 100 degree temps of summer, it is hard to completely irradicate all smells...

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Same issue here, I bought my Stainless Bosch over 9 months ago and had it in storage (My friend worked at sears and I got the $1299 floor model for $450.00) I brought it up to our new house in North Carolina and we have had it installed for a month. The dishes come out great but after a few days the smell is quite impressive, and not in a good way!
Tonight I followed the instructions and did the "High Loop" technique since it was definitely NOT installed that way, I will follow up and let everyone know.

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Could those people who posted comments about their Bosch DW smells please provide model numbers? Seems like not all Bosch's have this problem. I am considering purchasing a Bosch and would like to avoid the model(s) with this problem. Those of you who did not have this problem, I would also be interested to know which models you have as well. Thanks.

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I thought the post above and one I remember seeing earlier were pointing towards installation issues -- not allowing the water to completely drain. Water will not drain up hill, and if it has a way to move back towards the DW, it will.

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I'd be interested as well in model numbers. Never heard about this smell before.

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I have the same problem with my Bosch, but I just assumed it was my fault b/c I don't run it every day. I may try the vinegar thing.

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Well I can report that after following the install instructions from Bosch and using the "High loop" method (This is wgere the drain hose needs to loop up 20" above the D/W drain)the problem has dissapeared. I am amazed that the installer from the store that did the install (Jeffrey's appliances in Raleigh)did not know this.

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I'm going to keep this in mind. We are going to get the Thermador version -- exactly the smae except for the name plates and the fact that it comes with a blue indicator light -- and costs less to get panel ready.

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We had a similar problem with our Miele dw. It had sat in storage for months before installation. The Miele tech who came to check ran their version of DW Magic, and the smell disappeared. I do have to run one of the hotter cycles every few loads to keep it away. I've also started running the dw almost daily (thanks to the "Top Solo" function). We went away for three weeks, and I noticed the smell was there a little bit when we returned, so I ran hotter cycles for a few loads. There is definitely some water below the filter, but I believe it's supposed to be there. Unfortunately, that water sometime contains "bits", which could get smelly as time goes on.

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Isn't it amazing that actually following the install instructions makes the dishwasher operate properly !
What will they think of next ;-)

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Could bbiedny or anyone else plese tell me what exactly needs to be done to make a "high loop" install?

* Posted by bbiedny (My Page) on
Sat, Aug 26, 06 at 11:26

Well I can report that after following the install instructions from Bosch and using the "High loop" method (This is wgere the drain hose needs to loop up 20" above the D/W drain)the problem has dissapeared. I am amazed that the installer from the store that did the install (Jeffrey's appliances in Raleigh)did not know this.

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I have had mine almost 4 yrs and have no problem. That said I do run almost daily full or not on the light cycle using 3 1/2 gals of water. Th dishes, silver and pots/pans are clean. The only time I use the reg cycle is for a baked on casserole like lazagna, scalloped potatoes etc.

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I am considering buying a Bosch Dishwasher and was told by the appliance store salesperson that I MUST use Jet Dry each time I use it. She had no idea why, but kept insisting I MUST use it. Now wondering if this eliminates the "smell" by possibly drying up this excess water. I've never used Jet Dry before and have never heard of Dishwasher Magic. Also never heard anything about this smell before ..... am now concerned.

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I have been using a Bosch Dishwasher for about a year. For the first 6 months, I didn't use a rinse agent. Now I have one. I don't notice any difference. I will go back to no rinse agent when this bottle is done.

I notice no smell either way. my dishes don't get washed daily and I don't rinse first.

My dishwasher was installed properly. Perhaps that is the difference between mine and those who have a problem.

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this resolved my Bosch DW odor problems.
I would have bad odors 1-2hrs after a cycle.

DW drain hose needs to have a high point above the garbadge disposal to prevent backfeed of water.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have a SHU43 Bosch that is about 3 months old. When I bought it and opened it up, it had moisture in the DW. I installed it replacing the disposal and running the drain to the air gap at the top of the sink as the manual shows to do. the smell ranges from just stink to oh wow that really stinks. We run vinegar in every load which is about twice a week. We are now washing dishes prior to placing in DW not sure why as consumer reports said this was the best model. The one thing beside the smell is that this unit does not have a heated dry cycle. They use steam with JetDry to dry the dishes. Not sure if this is a reason for the smell or not but I will be calling Bosch on Friday to find out what they are going to do with their product.

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Well it's been a few months since I originally started this thread and I wanted to post an update. Over time the smell seems to have "improved" somewhat. Granted, I have started to use the DW more often, like at least once a week... and I haven't really done much different as far as any vinegar treatments... etc. I used DW magic once, but the effects of that product are not permanent, so I wouldn't consider that to be a "cure" for the problem.

I guess the bottom line is if you let it sit too long, that water can become rancid. However if you use it at least once or twice a week, it's really not an issue to worry about.

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I noticed an odd odor, not necessarily a bad odor, when I used the Cascade rinse agent, which is what the owners manual recommends. I switched to another brand and noticed that the odd odor turned into a very foul odor. I have switched back to cascade rinse agent and the foul is gone and the odd odor is hardly noticeable. In short, I think they recommend the Cascade rinse agent for a reason and I do believe it will eliminate the really bad foul odor.

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No order issues here. SHE66 - Smells like clean dishes!

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I'm in the same boat as the OP now and will try using Cascade rinse to see if that helps. We even added baking soda the other day.

Some say they don't use their DWs often and this might be the reason for the strange smell. We use ours EVERY day! There is not that much time for build up to get rancid. Additionally, I always run some water on the dirty dishes so we are not putting them in with food particles and grease. Baffles me still.

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If it's new, then fwiw, the washer has a lining for noise reduction that may give off a smell when it gets warm. But it should go away.

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It is new but was installed early this year. Should have quit giving off that smell if that is what might cause it...

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I have had a BOsch DW Shu43 for 3 years. I have had the smell problem since the beginning. Dishes get clean but odor remains. Bosch sent out 2 repair people at their expense - neither one could figure it out. Both confirmed it was properly installed with a high loop. I do not use it every day because i live alone and it takes awhile to fill it up with dirty dishes.

SO , I figured out that if I clean the disposal with disposal cleaner about 1x month, odor goes away.

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I have had the problem also with a new Bosch dishwasher. The Bosch rep said that there was supposed to be water standing just below the filter (about 1/2 inch). He said this was normal and said to use vinegar or bleach to get rid of the odor. The problem is that when you put dishes in the dishwasher there is almost always some food left on them. Our main problem is milk. When you rinse out a glass after it has had milk in it and immediately put it in the dishwasher there is always some left on the glass. The liquid runs down and collects with the normal 1/2 inch of the liquid and sits. If you do not wash dishes for a day or two it will smell bad. Any food left on the dishes will do that. The vinegar and bleach are used to kill any bacteria that may be causing an odor. Bacteria should not be a problem since the high temperatures will always kill them.

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I had a Bosch in my previous house for a couple of years and loved it so much I bought another for my new house, it's been nearly 2 yrs and I still love it. I think it's the greatest dishwasher ever. I have never had any smells, except for those few times I've left dishes sit in there dirty too long, and as soon as I wash them it's fine.

I only use the Electrosal PowerBall tabs, which has the rinse aid in them. The Jet Dry helps with the drying, don't think it would do anything for odors.

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I have a Bosch SHXA05uc46 dishwasher that was installed in our new home last April '06. This is all SS with the controls hidden in door when closed. Nice looking unit.

I have the dreaded smell issue.

What's worse is the dishes end up having that sour smell on them. The smell is hardly noticeable on the dishes when you take it out of the dishwasher or the cupboard, but when you add food or drink the smell becomes noticeable. Sour smell hits you in the nose when drinking out of a clean glass.I do have an acute sense of smell, however, the smell is quite annoying, and I am considering changing out the DW. Big expense. The high loop install was done correctly (I made sure of it at the time of installation) and we always use rinse agent, including cascade brand.

I hate this machine due to the smell.... I read somewhere else that the racks themselves may be putting off the odor???

The water at the bottom of the drain doesn't seem like it would cause the problem to me.

I have not tried any DW or garbage disposal cleaner products. I think I will start with the garbage disposal cleaner, although, no noticeable smell comes from it.

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Is it only Bosch DWs that have this smell problem? anyone have another brand that is 'smell' free? I'm at the point of purchase now, and was going to get a Bosch; now I'm not so sure! I don't use the dishwasher every day and definitely don't want to deal with this smell problem! my 15 yr old Maytag has never smelled (beyond the dirty dish smell if it sits a day or so). I don't have a garbage disposal; does that make a difference?

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kayakluv, do a little more research, but, you may want to avoid stainless steel interiors?? I have not looked to see if other brands have the same issue. Obviously not all SS bosch units have the smell, or, the owners just don't notice???

My wife has never said a thing about the smell, even after I have griped to her about it countless times??

I would not take a chance on the bosch. The smell is awful to me, not extreme, but noticeable. As I stated, the smell is in the DW, and on the dishes which is the worst of the two.

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I have never heard of Ss interior's causing a smell. I have Dw with SS interiors and have never had any smell.

What detergent are you using?

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kayakluv - I have a Kitchenaid dishwasher which is about 3 years old and I have the same odor problem. I have had a few different repair people out and they all say it was installed properly. I run my dishwasher everyday and yet the smell remains. I have stopped using it and was dishes by hand as we get ready to remodel the kitchen. I was considering a Bosch but will be extremely upset if I have the same problem.

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as far as detergents I use cascade complete, and at first tried electrasol crystals, based on the dealer recommendation. I would say that the cascade was an improvement with the odor, but not a fix.

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I asked about the detergent because I think I read here that some folks using cascade complete were complaining about smell. I think it was better when they switched to regular cascade or cascade pure rinse. Check through this thread or there may be others but I think I read about this on this forum.

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Hi all,

I have a Bosch that that sometimes gives off a smell, depending on what is placed in it. If I have been beating eggs in a bowl, then place that unrinsed bowl into the machine, a sulphurous eggy smell transfers to all other crockery during the wash. It is noticable on the cupboard-stored dishes and glasses. Quite disgusting.

The same thing occurs if a board or plate has been used to cut up raw chicken. So now I rinse such items under the tap before placing within.

I have a particular problem with bolognaise sauce residue (oily red grease) clinging to the filters. It seems to collect around the plastic lip of the cylindrical filter, where it sits in the flat filter plate.

I tend to wash all items on the "Auto Super Wash" cycle. This way I can be sure that the wash has a minimum temperature of 65 degrees, and does three rinses before the drying. I always use Finish rinse aid, and either Finish (Electrasol) or Fairy (Cascade) tablets. I also use dishwasher salt in the regeneration unit.

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I will try other detergent options to see if any improvement..

I have been searching the web, and bosch does not seem to be the only brand with an odor issue. The one common denominator is stainless steel interiors. I lived in the different home, in the same city I am in now, for years where I had a $300 DW (non SS obviously) and never had a odor issue.

I ran a small load on the normal setting last night around 11pm, this morning at 8am the interior of the DW and the plates, etc. had the smell. I think the theory that water at the bottom of the DW is a cause - is not the case. I stuck my fingers in the water prior to running the load to see if it had a smell: it did not.

Because of the odor issue we always rinse well before putting dishes in the DW, so residue should not be the cause in my case. Besides, that is what the DW is for: I shouldn't have to hand wash first....

I left the door to the DW wide open all morning, and the smell has greatly reduced, too late for the dishes.

My theory is that the high heat of the steam drying causes the SS interior, or the material the racks are made of, to put off the odor. The people who do not think they have an odor simply do not have as an acute sense of smell as the other that do notice the odor.

I asked my wife (who does not complain about the odor) to sniff the dishes his morning, and she confirmed that there was a smell, but stated that it wasn't that bad "not a big deal". To me it's horrid - not extreme - a bit subtle, but bad.

The smell that usually comes directly from the DW is a bit more obvious to me.

I wonder if the steam dry cycle can be programmed off???

Is it possible that the rinse agent would suffice without the steam dry effect???

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What is the steam dry cycle? Also where on the web are you seeing that a SS interior is a common demominator? I would like to read about this too.

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The one thing that is different with my Bosch, compared to competitor machines (Zanussi, Hoover, Ariston, Hotpoint), is the design of the upper basket rails/runners.

On any competitor machine that I have used, the design is that they have the open side of both rails facing inward:

example: [XXXXXX]

where "[" and "]" are the rails, and "XXXXXX" is the basket.

On my Bosch, the design is that the open side of the rails face outwards, to the tub walls;

eg: ]XXXXXX[

This seems to allow detergent residue to build up (white chalky deposits) that cannot be flushed away by the upper spray arm. I have never seen such deposits with the competitor designs.

This I believe, may contribute to the odours mentioned by other posters.

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The bosch DW (the model I have anyway) does not heat with a heat element, like most do. It produces high heat steam to dry, or something to that effect.

Google "odors from dishwasher" and look around at the multitude of postings.

Bosch seems prominent with the odor issue, but others are plenty.

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That is the drying of the dishes is not done by use of a heating element.

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torxx - I ran a google search as you suggested and can not believe how many smelly dishwasher problems there are. I will take some of the advice before trading in my Kitchenaid to see if that helps. Thanks for the tip.

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I worked for Bosch as a regional service manager and I can tell you there is no way to eliminate the dreaded dishwasher smell if your unit begins to exhibit the problem soon after installation. Even with proper drain hose installation we often experienced units that would smell, while others would remain odor-free for years.

In some cases, the dealer would replace the odor producing dishwasher with an identical Bosch and the replacement unit would remain odor-free, even though the installation/drain hose configuration was identical to the original problem unit.

I don't know if anyone has ever solved the Bosch smelly dishwasher mystery.

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Well that is NOT encouraging to hear.

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I have a two week old Integra (stainless steel in and out) Bosch and the other recently we let it sit for a few days with some dirty dishes. It smelled. We washed the dishes and another cycle and it still smelled. I found this post. I removed the top tray, installed the power wash adapter and ran that empty (Power wash gets up to 160 F). It seems okay now, but this all has me worried.

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Hey - just found this consumer story with the statement:

" They gave me the 800 number for Bosch. I called. The lady said that we should use rinse and hold daily because of the water that is retained in the bottom of the unit needing to be flushed out, and to also make sure that the filter is clean, which we did. We did this and solved the odor problem. "

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I think if you stack dirty dishes in a dishwasher close it and let it sit a day or so then YEAH you are going to smell it when you open. Different types of food sitting there all it fermenting. If you do a rinse hold and then let them sit a few days you are still going to have a smell because a rinse is not a wash so dirt remains.

I have dishes in the DW from Friday. I did a rinse hold on Saturday and there is an odor when I open the door today but most of it is from the dishes used today. I will do a full wash tonight or Monday....After that there will no longer be any smell on the dishes or inside the DW. If I let the DW sit empty for a few days there will be no smell inside.

The impression I get from this thread is that the smell appears even after the dishes have been cleaned. Am I correct? If so then the problem may not be a result of leaving dirty dishes in the DW for a few days. I mean I do this an don't have a problem so I think something else is going on.

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This is helpful to those of us ordering Bosch DW. Thanks for all the feed back on the highloop installation and the rinse hold daily.

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jerrod6, you are everywhere I go! :-)

Just a FYI and follow up for everyone. I have not had the smelly dishwasher issue again since I ran the empty pot scrub cycle. Since then I have either rinse and held or washed dishes each day. The DW is about a month old now and boy did this thread scare me, but I really think it is more of a habit issue than a defect. My dishes are really clean and I have yet to find a spot on a glass - note one.

P.S. You have to remove the top tray and use the nozzle adapter for pot scrubber or the super high water pressure jet will blow the door open when it is running - I was warned about this by the installers and is not something I would like to test! :-)

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Just to let you know- I am having a "smelly d/w issue" with my new Miele. Once a week I run a super wash empty with vinegar. Sigh. Never had this with my old Bosch, Kitchen aid or GE. And they all dried my plasticware too. Fancyshmancy machines! @@$%****!

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if i'm understanding correctly, sounds like some posts are speculating the smell is could be related to the disposal?
has anyone had the smell who does NOT have a garbage disposal?

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It would be interesting to do a study of everyone's water quality. Perhaps there is something with the water reacting with the stainless steel tub. Also, I would imagine that the coating on the wire racks would be a primary suspect.

I am having a Bosch DW delivered to my house on Wednesday. Our three year old Whirlpool DW died right before Thanksgiving!!! The motor went out, which isn't that big of a deal. The bad part is the exposed heating element melted a hole through the plastic tub! This is actually the second time this has happened in the past three years. Unfortunately, it is past warranty and it would cost $700 to fix a $400 DW. Keep that in mind if you are looking for a DW with a plastic tub!!!!

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We started using our new Bosch dishwasher in July and had the same issue. I was dismayed at the smell esp since I've had several friends who highly recommended this product and never had this issue. AND it was brand new.

I called Bosch (their customer call center's the worst), aside from being dismissive/rude, they were pretty useless. Then I called Yale, the appliance store where we bought our dishwasher (still had a warranty). Very knowledgeable service person came - he's worked with dishwashers old and new. He said the smell can be a result of several minor factors. And he was right, after these adjustments, we now are odor free. Thought I'd share if this will help others who find this post:

1) Ensure the drain hose is properly installed (ours was ok per service person but this is a common cause)

2) Ensure your H20 is hot when you run the dishwasher. In our case, it takes a while for the water to heat up so he advised us to run the tap till the H20 gets hot. He said that the dishwasher will heat up the H20 but still better to run the tap since the Bosch does not use much water.

3) Do not use too much dishwashing liquid - he recommends just a 3rd of the capacity. The Bosch (SHX45Po5UC)'self computes' load. He said putting too much dishwashing liquid vs not enough hot water messes it up.

4) Do not rinse dishes. He says the high efficiency dishwashers works better with just the right amt of hot water, not too much dishwashing liquid and "dirt" to work with. Just scrape off big pieces of food that wont dissolve (i.e., big seeds, etc) - leave grease, oil, sauces, small bits of food on.

5) We dont run the dishwasher everyday (unlike our friends who have the same product). He recommends just leaving the door ajar (do not click it closed)so there's circulation. The high efficiency dishwasher seals tight so with all other factors exacerbates smell issues.

6) To remove the smell, he popped in an Affresh tablet. He thinks vinegar works just as well and run the tap to hot before running the dishwasher on its highest setting.

After doing all these small adjustments above, the Bosch now works as advertised. I think we learned the hard way that we cant assume that we can use this dishwasher the same way we used our Frigidaire dishwasher (in our previous home) or our Kitchenaid dishwasher (7 yr old model prior to our renovation)

Without this issue, it is a great high efficiency dishwasher which cleans extremely well. I have always pre-rinsed my dishes before (and was very doubtful of the service person's advice esp in tandem with the advice to reduce detergent use) but the Bosch has been a virtuoso with really oily or heavily soiled dishes.

Hope this helps others.

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We had (not "have"--we since purchased a new Maytag DW) a Bosch dishwasher that smelled like dirty socks after being idle for a day or two. Although they made three service calls--once to change to drain hose--Bosch had no idea how to remedy the problem. Stay away from this high-end, foreign-made DW.

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Thank goodness I found this thread! We have a Bosch dishwasher (SHE43P26UC) with stainless tub that gives us the "wet dog" or "pond water" smell that I think everyone here has experienced. We do have a garbage disposal.

After reading through the posts, it seems that we might or might not be able to remedy our situation. It seems that there is a lot of controversy about how best to remedy the smell. Noelandjenny posted above that the number one recommendation is to have the drain hose properly installed, but can someone be more specific? I followed the directions in the supplied documentation to a T, but perhaps there was something I didn't know about.

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Okay, we've got a brand new 800 series Bosch dishwasher and it has smelled since we started using it..... definitely seems to be stemming from the standing water at the bottom (and we too have a disposal). Never had this problem before with any dishwasher. It's two months old and I was hoping it would correct itself (duh!) but I guess I need to call the plumber and check into it. Soooo disappointed. It even smelled after we left for a week's vacation and everything inside it was clean (argh).

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Okay, we've got a brand new 800 series Bosch dishwasher and it has smelled since we started using it..... definitely seems to be stemming from the standing water at the bottom (and we too have a disposal). Never had this problem before with any dishwasher. It's two months old and I was hoping it would correct itself (duh!) but I guess I need to call the plumber and check into it. Soooo disappointed. It even smelled after we left for a week's vacation and everything inside it was clean (argh).

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Another Bosch owner with a stinky dishwasher. I had a repairman come from Sears last week and he sold me some dishwasher cleaner and told me to clean out the filter often. While he was here he scrubbed the filter and ran an empty load with the dishwasher cleaner. After the cycle was over, it was STILL stinky! What a frustrating problem to have with a dishwasher less than a year old.

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Thank you noelandjenny for your response. I think you've hit the nail on the head. I have a brand new Bosch, and it has the smell. I'm going to try all your recommendations (it takes forever for my water to get hot) and see what happens. I'm NOT going to run out & replace this dishwasher as I'm happy with every other thing about it. I don't think its the standing water thing, I'm hoping mine got installed correctly (wasn't here when it was installed) and I do have a disposal, which I think contributes to the odor regardless if it was installed right or not.

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I'm wondering if adding phosphates back in would eliminate the odor issue. It might be worth an experiment.

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we don't have a smell in our bosch DW. or not yet I should say. however - I discovered water underneath the mesh filter on the bottom. I thought at first something was wrong with it and started keeping an eye on this residual water - the amount left after each cycle was different and no water pool if you run an empty DW. and then it dawned on me! This must be the water condensing on the tub walls during the drying cycle which is not followed by any pump activity. If you run DW every day, every other day - you should be fine and not worry about this standing water. But if you are going on vacation or do not intend to use the DW for a couple of days or more - run a "cancel" cycle, it activates the pump and gets rid of the water pooled from previous cycle. On our model "cancel" cycle is activated by simultaneous pressing and hold of two buttons (i don't remember which but there is a sign on the DW). Or as someone suggested "hold and rinse" cycle should also work as long as DW is empty, it should drain the DW at the end with no additional condensation. If this doesn't solve the smell problem, your dishwasher may not be getting hot enough during the wash cycles and the water heating element may need attention. It should get scorching hot during sanitize cycle and kill most of odor producing bacteria/flora in your DW.

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Mine smelled like rotting food after a day or two, I tried all the other ideas like vinegar and using Dishwasher magic, they did not work at all....
I solved this problem by putting a clothes pin where the latch is to keep the door from closing completely. when you are ready to run a load of dishes, just take off the clothes pin at the latch and close the door. Remember to put the clothes pin back on the latch after you empty the dishwasher... Bosch Dishwasher are too air tight and this fix helps vent the Dishwasher so you will have NO MORE Smells...Worked perfectly Try it! Let me know if this works for you too

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burtonbill thank you! Easy non-obtrusive solution. I can't believe Bosch hasn't fixed this problem - the complaints on this forum go back to 2006. I'm really sensitive to moldy smells and my new dishwasher was disgusting me to the point I was ready to buy a different one. But the clothespin seems to have done the trick. Thanks!!

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