Walkin Shower w/o door or curtain

janetqAugust 5, 2007

Has anyone built a walkin shower that does not require a shower curtain or door? I am going to have help laying the tile in a shower that will be in the corner, 60" on one wall and 38" on the other wall.

Will this be large enough? Where should the shower head be?

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I dont know the answer to your questions as far as measurements go, but I do not have a door in my shower. I got the idea from my neighbors, who did the same in two showers. I am attaching a link to Hotel Indigo, where I stayed recently, a very contemporary hotel. They also had shower panels, with a hole cut in the middle to turn off/on shower. I really liked it.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I'm back and forth on this: I want it, because it would be one less thing to clean, and I wouldn't have to buy a door...

But I was at my new house today, 'drew' several possible layouts for a walk-in on the floor with tape, and didn't much care for any of them: They just seem to waste too much space. The actual area where I stand would be much smaller, and I'd loose a lot of space from the closet as well...

What I'd love to see is some layout plans: pics don't always show how the space works, and whats been done to contain the water.

Specifically, where do you put the shower head relative to the door?

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This is a sketch of our about-to-be built walk-in shower. There will be no door or curtain and the builder says it will be fine. Sorry I can't confirm that yet. The walls are up and it looks like it will work. The dotted line is the threshhold or 4 inch high area between the shower and the dry-off area. The small circle is the shower head.

Here is a link that might be useful: walk-in shower layout

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Jenney - How expensive was the glass panel ? I was going to have a wall, but think it might be clostofobic (can't spell) Janet

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Jennye, your bathroom is very nice and your bird is hilarious!!! : )

Susan ~

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OMG Jennye, the idea of a hotel that writes marketing copy in haiku...and bases everything on the Golden Mean...LOL with appreciation! Sounds like OCD heaven but it is beautiful. I wandered around some of the other sites and I think I like Scottsdale best so far.

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The panel was less than $300, around 250, I think. This included installation. He said I could add a door later if I wanted. A few drops of water get out, but not much. I am happy with it, although I wish I had one of those things where you can turn the shower on without stepping in. It doesnt bother me, and I dont get sprayed, but for resale I wonder if it will be a disadvantage. Hence the slot to put your hand in to turn on the shower at the hotel. Because of the layout, though, there was not much else I could have done. I thought about a wall also, and I am so glad I didnt...too crowded and dark.

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I didn't have a huge space so my shower is about 6' deep and 3' wide. I didn't want it to feel like a cave so I went with a 4' pony wall on one side which really lightens it up. I was told that with a debth of 6' I could get rid of the glass door, even with our big shower head but I just couldn't do without the pony wall...too dark, especially given the tile we chose.

You could experiment with placing your shower head on a corner with the head pointed to the center or off center closer to the back wall and see if that makes sense. I did this so that you could reach in and turn on the water without being hit in the face with it. If I'd have been willing to give up a toilet I could have gone with a no glass shower :) But that seemed bad for resale LOL

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Thanks Susan! The birds have monopolized the shower. I think they think I am doing the remodeling for them!

flyleft, I stayed in the hotel while they put polyurethane coating (toxic to birds) on the bathrooms and kitchen. I couldnt walk on them for 24 hours. Being the off season in AZ, I got a rate of $69 a night. I loved the hotel! It was total contemporary (maybe a little overboard, but since I am looking for ideas for remodeling, I checked it all out) and so friendly! They dont charge for pets, and even offer to check on them for you while away. It was a great experience and the workout gym was superb, complete with monorail lighting! Everything looked like it came out of a contemporary remodeling magazine.

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Carole, thanks for the picture: interesting use of the angled wall. I'll have to try some sketches with that...

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Take a look at this website.


They sell showers that do not have doors..gives you some design ideas anyway. I'm interested in your thread as we're considering the same thing. I don't want a door and DH doesn't want a curtain...but I don't know if we'll have the room. Also, I'm one of the few that do not like a shower that you can see everything....and everyone! There's a reason we wear clothes:-) Plus, all of these showers look great right after they are new, but when shampoo bottles are thrown around and grout in tile starts to get a bit diry and i start to get lazy about wiping a glass door down 2-3 times a day...then I don't want to see the mess....

Keep us updated....

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While researching walk in showers, I learned they do take more space and generally users use more hot water. I guess they can be drafty if not designed correctly. They are so neat though!


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