Do I need these programs...

debo_2006April 30, 2013

Yontoo 2.05? It suddenly appeared in my Programs back in March and I didn't put it there. I looked it up and it may have something to do with Windows - not sure. But, sometimes it pops up saying it can't open a window. I'd rather uninstall it is I don't need it.

The other two are:
Apple Software Update
Apple Application Support

Both installed in Programs on 4/25/13. I wasn't even in town on that date and computer was turned off while I was gone. This is a PC, not an Apple so I don't know why they are even on the Program list.


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Do you have Itunes installed? That would need apple updates. Mary

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No itunes

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Oh that was all I could think of that would need it but I don't use any apple stuff. I found this concering yantoo. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: Remove yantoo

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Debi you might want to use Windows Explorer, drop down the Program files and look for WAJAM and Pricepeep as these 2 were on a computer I recently cleaned Yontoo from. Or use the search feature (I rarely use that no reason, just never think about it but it can be a useful tool)

Not sure if they are allied but for the sake of looking while in clean up mode.....................

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Safari and Quicktime are two other pieces of software that would use Apple's updater. I would imagine that it's also possible if if you had any of Apple's software installed at one point in time, the updater may have lingered even if the principal software was uninstalled.

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Don't forget 'Bonjour'. Can't stop this service from running - another Apple product apparently needed for I Tunes.


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