Swooping roof lines

shiltsyJuly 14, 2014

As we start thinking about design and architecture for our build, I'm curious what people think about swooping roof lines. I see them across quite a few different home styles and absolutely love the look.

Any 'gotchas' that we should be think about? Anyone concerned that this look may go out of style in 15 years? It's not exactly an easy feature to update or change over time.

Houzz link:

Here's a picture of a home we toured last month and loved... probably bigger than we would need, but love the facade.

Here is a link that might be useful: Swooping gable

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It's a look that's been in style for a couple thousand years, so it's not likely to be out of style any time soon. It's a wonderful look when applied on the right style of building, in a manner consistent with an architectural style. -- like anything else that get's pasted onto the current builder's mash-up version of some classic form it can also be awful.

The downsides will be cost and finding a builder able and willing to do it. It's not hard, but it is unusual. There have been several Fine Homebuilding articles over the years that have detailed construction methods.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Classic, good looking, timeless, and not cheap.

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That's a luxury detail befitting a luxury build. It needs estate acreage in order to appreciate it in a vista. It's not for a cookie cutter middle of the road house in a HOA subdivision.

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That home is just gorgeous. And timeless. And I think I will save the photo just in case I ever build a home by the ocean. Or in a shady forest. It's just adorable and stunning all at the same time. Can you run it by a builder before you do the design to see if the roofline costs would be astronomical? Agree with live wire oak that having acreage would compliment the home, but I think I would look just as nice in a cozy historic neighborhood behind some hedges and sweet looking fences and gardens. It feels vaguely "shingle style" to me.

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I disagree with live_wire re: size of house/lot. We're currently renting in a neighborhood of quaint 1930s/40s-era cottages on 6-8000sqft lots. Many are tudor style cottages and have details such as this over their entry gable. It works. These houses are 1500-2500sqft.

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Thanks for all the feedback.

This particular home is 5600 square feet and given the width and height, I agree it really does need a good sized lot. It's sitting on 3.5 acres and I think it will fit the neighborhood nicely.

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Swooping rooflines usually remind me of Hanzel and Gretel for some reason. Although, I love the look of the house you posted....it's gorgeous.

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robo (z6a)

Common on English-style cottages pre-1950 in my area and a very charming look.


I personally prefer it as a single off center gable detail on a simple house.

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