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nelles_gwApril 23, 2011

The center button on my corded mouse will not scroll up/down when I just roll the button. It will scroll if I press the center button and get the up/down arrow icon.

The mouse does not have a ball underneath - it's a red light. I think the mouse is full of cat hair ( ironic, huh?), but I'm unsure how to take the mouse apart.

There is a small Phillips-head screw underneath, but I'm too chicken to take the mouse apart.

Maybe I should consider a cordless mouse? Any recommendations for a 5 year old Dell desktop?



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Assuming you have Xp try clicking Start
click Control panel
click the mouse control (forget the name right now)
Then use the new window to check out your settings for the mouse.

Failing that visit the web site of the manufacturer and look for updated drivers, then as they are loaded they might well rectify the issue for you.

As it seems to be a laser mouse I think it unlikely cat hair is the issue. Mine has no opening on the underside for any foreign objects to get inside.

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Thanks, owbist.

The cat hair gets in from the TOP of the mouse. I've tried using compressed air, but no luck.

I have run a diagnostic, too.

Thanks, again.

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Well, even if cat hair gets inside form the top, it's unlikely to affect the performance of a laser mouse in the way you describe. Maybe the mouse is just failing after 5 years.

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As far as a wireless mouse goes I really like the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 that I use with my laptop.

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