eval trial of Winzip ran out, what do you recommend

shaddy101April 7, 2013

for a freebie zip opener for files?
Links please?

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Here is a link that might be useful: 7zip

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Don't you now have Windows 7 Shaddy? If so simply right click on the zipped file and click to"Extract all...." and follow along.

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Doesn't seem to work owbist, spoze I got the eval as a "gift", now I must find something else, will try the 7zip, have heard it works alright.

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How do I know which "bit" I am needing, 32 or 64? Where do I find this info? or??????

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Go to 'start'>right click 'computer'>properties......

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PKponder TX

I've not had to install anything in Windows XP or Windows 7 to extract zip files. Just like Owbist mentioned, it's included in the operating system.

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Thanks Jean, you know, when you don't do this sort of thing on a daily basis, tend to forget what to do. Know the fellas are "into" the geeky stuff, but not all the ladies are knowing, or some not even caring what is going on behind the scenes. Sometimes, I think, had I known all the behind the screen maintenance that SHOULD go into operating and maintining a machine, would I have taken the plunge? Jury is still out on that.
While I enjoy the fellowship from having the machine, when I hear ladies tell their stories on how the tech,or whomever is helping ,whatever did or did not do for them, makes me cringe, I believe it is a sexist thing. Sorry my feelings after all these years, ladies still don't always know what and how machinery works, not all, but some and do we really care? Jury out on that one too! Easy to just use the machine til it won't perform anymore, and go out and purchase a new one. IN my case, I would have loved to kept going, but for some reason, even with all my maintainance, it just up and died. I felt I lost my friend.

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PKponder TX

Just so you know, I am an older lady too (55) and typically advise using what is already available with Windows rather than installing additional software. I feel that using what you already have is simpler and less labor intensive when you think about the actions of finding, downloading, installing and learning how to use alternate software.

Geekiness is not gender specific. I work with a fairly equal number of female techs and male techs. We are people just like you with an interest in what we do. I believe you are into quilts. That's kinda geeky to me :-) I'm just saying, maybe you don't always know who is on the other end of a post. Women are quite capable of critical thinking.

I really never look at a computer as a machine, it's a tool that we can use to achieve whatever we are attempting to accomplish. Sure, there is a physical 'box' of parts that make up the hardware, but without software, it's just an expensive paperweight. It's the software that you are interacting with.


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Kind of reminds me of my xwife telling me how much she hates that leave dirty dishes in the sink,,, and then when I try to keep her happy by washing them next time she complains that I left the sink wet and its water spotted... I have to dry the sink after washing my dishes.

My solution was to visit publix and buy a couple packs of paper plates and some plastic silverware... then order a water softener installed & never use that sink or dirty a dish again when i'm home alone.

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Hey Pam...you're still wet behind the ears...;~). I'm 73 and I suppose some might say I'm in my 2nd childhood....

I love all things techie...
A new gadget comes out and I 'HAVE' to have it to see what it will do...I have some health issues and hopefully when this quiets down, I may try to tackle Win8, just for the heck of it....they say to keep the old gray matter working, you should get out of your rut and try something new......I'm a 'trial and error' person, haven't gotten into any serious trouble so far....I use to make web pages, owned a garden chat room at one time...met a lot of people from the states and Canada through that chat room...had garden parties in MI, TN, KY,...

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Ladies, I hope I haven't stirred up a frenzy here, but reading the responses, leads me to believe there are some female techies out there, and like others here, I have great respect for that. I am just saying there are some of us that are just not capable to doing some of the techy things, no matter what, UNLESS they are carefully explained, and when I can get it in my head, repeat the process over and over until it imprints on my brain. I believe that is a lot of what adult ADHD is, and that is a lot of my problem. I was a laborer for all my working life, and until retirement did not even dream of doing "office work" Now, that I am freer to choose what I would like to do, enjoy the word processing etc., that comes with some projects. Then, there are others that use the machine for just FB and email, not for me to criticize, this is America, and so glad of it too. Anyway, I digress, there are some ladies out there in cyberspace, that are alone, and at the mercy of unscrupulous tech people, and they don't even know what to do about it, let alone learn the proper techniques. I try to steer them to a computer forum, and pray for the best. This has been my home for about 15 years, and I still miss Dreamweaver, she was a real techie, way before her time.
So, have a great day, anyone that is reading this, and I hope I haven't upset anyone. WE are sistas regardless of the circumstances.

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Neither technical knowledge nor ignorance have a gender component. People who make an effort to gain an understanding about something know more than those who don't. No talk of advantages, disadvantages or excuses make sense to me.

My auto mechanic is a 50-something year old woman at a large shop and all the guys look to her for help. I guess she ignored anyone who might have suggested along the way that she wasn't suited to do such work.

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I haven't need winzip since windows 98 or XP was it? I just click the zip file to open and move the contents. When I used winzip years ago it never expired. Mary

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WinRAR, 7zip, other types of compressed and assembled library files will open with 7-zip where as the built in windows zip mostly wont know what to do unless its a zip.

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Oh ok. I rarely get a winrar file but if I do I have used winrar. If they have win 7 though would be curious to know why just opening the zip does not work. Something corrupt maybe? Mary

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I have an older Win XP machine which wouldn't unzip files. Tried all sorts of things including coming here for help a few years ago. I finally gave up and bought Win Zip which is still on the machine.

I just think some of these Windows machines were missing parts.

Hey, Mikie - wish my hubby would try that! I gave up a long time ago.


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I initially learned of 7-Zip here and its served me well. And, the price is right.

Here is a link that might be useful: 7-zip

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MIkie, I don't have any problem with the opposite sex messing up anything and never have had even with two husbands. But, I do have a sign on my kitchen counter that says:

I know how to cook, I just don't.

Just to be sure I don't have future problems. LOL

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THANK YOU!!! I didn't know I could right click and extract zipped files. You made my day!

I have learned so much from this forum over many, many years. It is the best!!

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