DW died. Need help with Miele floor models. QUICKLY!

breezygirlAugust 10, 2013

My 4-year old Kenmore DW just died Thursday night. It's been getting horribly loud (kind of like a freight train running through the kitchen) and sounded like it was going to croak any minute so I asked my trusted appliance store manager to send me a list of discounted Miele floor models. I could really use the help of you Miele model experts out there to decide which is right for us.

Here are the factors affecting my decision:

--I'm used to basic DWs and have never felt any cleaned really well or were quiet enough except for the KA we had before this Kenmore, but it only lasted three years.

--My DW cutout is sized for an American DW so I'm concerned about how a Miele will look. I ruled out Bosch because of their illegal treatment of Julia Child's image. I'm concerned about the recent spat of KA fires, although it would fit better in the cutout. That leaves Miele.

--My municipality lists our water hardness as "slightly hard" at 55-60 mg/L. We do not have a water softener or house water filter, nor does anyone I know.

--I use my china and crystal rarely these days, but I have run these through the DW for more than 10 years now and would like to continue to do so.

--Quiet is very, very important to me. I run the DW at least twice per day (I cook a lot) and our new kitchen is open to the family room.

The model choices (all are uncrated in good condition with stainless exterior) are:

G5105SCSS $1245
G5575SCSFSS $1685
G5775SCSFSS $1708
G5175SCSFSS $1380
G5505SCSS $1467 (Live demo model)
G4205scss $975 (Live demo model)

I'm under a major time crunch as my dishes are piling up, and the appliance store is having a sale this weekend. I'm not sure how the above prices might chance with the sale. I don't want to miss out on a good deal! Could anyone (please, please, pretty please) help me sort out these out and make some recommendations? Thank you so much in advance.

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I am not familiar with the newer models, as ours is the Optima from 2006. However, our KD made the cutout for American DW, and placed a thin matching trim piece along each side (so it can be removed if go American). You cannot tell, and I am very picky, but ours is paneled to match cabs, and perhaps better disguised/blended than if we had a S/S front. Is a trim piece an option for you? I don't think I would like the gap otherwise...and would go for an American brand.

Super quiet, had one repair for some drain connection in the bottom of the tub that had a leak. Otherwise, no complaints at all. We have average city water, and our dishes are great. I have always put the lenox and silver in the DW..no problems at all.

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Miele Futura Dimension Plus G5775SCSF Fully Integrated Dishwasher 6 Wash Programs, 3D Cutlery Tray

Breezy- Just changed from ten year old KA to the Miele Futura Diamond and am so delighted. So of your list, I'd pick a Miele Futura Dimension Plus.

The 3D Cutlery Tray is such a nice adjunct to a DW-a place for all those long cooking spoons and knives as well as the rest and no bending.

FlexiCare Premium
Adjustable XL cup rack, wine glass holder and cookware mode provide exceptional flexibility and care

Here are the Miele Dimensions:
Height: 35.75 in
Width: 23.56 in
Depth: 22.43 in

The Six Wash Cycles:

Pots & Pans
China & Crystal
Rinse & Hold

Water Softener:
An automatic water-softening system reduces water hardness levels, creating a safe wash environment and better cleaning results

(I have mine set at 10 as we have medium hard water-hope that's right).

Some Miele Standards:

Double WaterProof System
MieleâÂÂs âÂÂconnect and protectâ dual-waterproof system automatically shuts off the water supply to the dishwasher in the event that a leak or blockage is detected
Q4 Acoustics
Miele dishwashers are acclaimed as the most quiet and reliable on the market. For decades, millions of satisfied customers have enjoyed peaceful cohabitation in open floor plan homes with one, or two, Miele dishwashers running smoothly in the background. No unpleasant interruptions or the need to escape from the room, or even the house when you own Miele. With new advancements in technology and a very progressive manufacturing process, Miele has done it again - producing the quietest range of dishwashers in its history! The Miele acoustics rating system ranks the quietness of each new dishwasher product on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the quietest dishwasher available

Good luck.

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Breezy, I could have written your post! I just went thru the same thing and ended up with the G5575SCVi, the Futura Dimension. It does not have the auto open feature at the end of the cycle and is the Q3, not Q4. It has the water softener, the 3D cutlery tray and the China Crystal feature.

I almost got the Dimension Plus, but it had the wrong panel front and the price was better on the Dimension model above. This model requires a custom panel,but the person who ordered it had purchased a stainless front panel, which was a win-win for me and I can hopefully get a custom panel to match cabinetry in my yet-to-happen remodel (planned for the future).

I doubt you would be able to hear the difference in the Q4 or Q3, but YMMV. If you look up the models on Miele's website you can see what the differences are.

I would highly recommend the 3D cutlery tray and I do enjoy all the different adjustable racking options as well.

The cut out was slightly larger than the Miele required and the installer suggested a solution similar to what redoingit described. Currently not in the plan and has no effect on the DW, merely cosmetic.


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Breezy - Oh no!
You will love the Miele - mine is 3-4 years old and is the La Perla model so not sure about the newer ones - but some have LED lighting inside.

I love how my La Perla pops open at the end of the cycle - the dishes are dryer than standard European models.

Also - Miele used to use 2 different rack systems - definitely make sure you get the upgraded racks - I can put 12-14 place settings in the DW (maybe not 12-14 giant red wine glasses)

The third rack is love or hate - I love it - you have to sort the utensils going in or out - so I line up like items in the rack and then grab them to put into the utensil drawer.

I used a wood bumper in place of the standard rubber bumper - it is quieter with the rubber bumper and the Miele tech told me that I could use the rubber bumper and velcro wood on it if I wanted to bring it back to the standard noise level.

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I've had 2 Mieles now. Both with china crystal & water softener. One was put into the standard 24" opening. Miele needs a 23-5/8? or thereabouts (check the download) so perhaps you want a piece of filler or other material (even Ikea plinth) on each side installed to narrow the opening with a fascia strip in front to make it look ok with the cabinet. This sounds cosmetic but will keep the DW super quiet. If not, and you have a slight gap as mine does (I can take photo if needed), you will hear it a bit more though it's certainly not loud.

Newer one (Optima) also had Express (fast cycle) which I loved and is important with 2 loads per day though this puppy hold more than other dws.

Other musts are cutlery tray (I would go for the adjustable 3D) and water softener. After those, a lot is optional IMO.

With a china/crystal I had it hooked up to the cold water both times -- I'd be sure installer knows/does that. They want to hook up to hot but cold gives better result. I put the sterling, riedel and old gold-rim Rorstrand china in my machine as well as pots and pans.

Problem now with model numbers is that they keep redoing the names and systems. deeageaux is the one who knows the intricacies of the models best -- it can take hours to discern from Miele's website.

5505 & 5105 have the controls on the front panel. I'm biased towards controls on top of door (had this twice and really like it). Also handle can double as towel rack if you want. I don't love the gripper handle on these.

So I'm thinking the Dimension G 5575 looks good (with adjustable top cutlery tray).

Dimension Plus G 5775 has extra quiet whatever that means plus everything else. Also looks good.

Crystal G 5175 doesn't appear to have the adjustable top cutlery tray. But it looks like my former Optima, which I loved, loved and price is a bit better.

Think any of those would do it - these are "retired models" as I'm sure you saw on the Miele site.

Hope dee sees this post and also weighs in on the variables.

Good luck!

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Thank you all for the advice. We are in the car now on the way to store with some pots/pans and plate. Also bringing sheet pan as I use these very regularly. Need them to fit.

I've always been confused by miele website. Couldn't make out model differences very well.

Not sure about fully integrated with bar handle vs flat front panel. Would be nice to have place to hang towel but not sure I want visual intrusion into that aisle. Ours now has no bar.

I am learning towards Dimensions or the D Plus.

Rococo--I would like to see a photo if it's not too much trouble.

Sorry so brief. On new smartphone in the car. My fingers are not fast. ;)

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Triplicate post. Sorry.

This post was edited by breezygirl on Sun, Aug 18, 13 at 20:08

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Triplicate post. Sorry.

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Breezy, this is the 9 y.o.installation/KD error. The black line down the left side of the panel is the space that should be filled. But adjacent to sink base and with it pulled out it's not as bad as it could have been. Even with this it is still difficult to hear whether or not its running.

The Miele website is notorious but you're not going to be shy about asking questions/differences. Hope you get a great deal!

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Miele makes filler strips in SS, white or black to put adjacent a Miele Dishwasher installed in an American sized cutout.

Miele GPL771 $57 for the pair.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Strips

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Thanks to all of your advice on this thread and past threads, we purchased the floor model G5775SCSFSS. It was selling for $1708, but because of the sale and a few scratches on the top control panel near the corner we snagged it for $1280. The scratches aren't visible when the door is shut. I'm not sure what full retail was originally, but it seems like a good deal. I would have even gone up in models if they had had one on clearance.

Redoingit--I appreciate your experience.

Sparkling--thank you for pulling up those specs.

Covingtoncat--Mine is a Q4. I'm noise sensitive so I figured the quieter the better. Plus, the price was better on the Dimension Plus anyway even with the sale. Odd, huh?

A2--I won't relate the fact that the noise started right after you visited.... ;) the racking system is the newest configuration, I think.

Rococo--I appreciate you chiming in as I've read many of your posts with your experiences. Thanks to you, I know to ask to have the Miele hooked up to cold water. My concern about the handle protrusion was alleviated when I saw the store display. I think it will tuck mostly under the marble overhang. There isn't a good spot near the cleanup sink for a towel to hang so the bar handle will be handy. The photo you posted is very informative. Thanks!!

Deeageaux--Thanks for the link. Your posts on other threads in the past have been helpful in sorting out the models also. Your time spelling it all out is immensely appreciated!!

With the installation scheduled for Tuesday, I have a couple of remaining questions. I'd like to get the DW running ASAP as I'm sick of washing two DW loads per day by hand, and we're having a dinner party Thursday night.

1. Is the filler strip something that can be easily DIY'd by DH after install? Obviously it can't be here by Tuesday if I order it tomorrow.

2. I'm confused about the salt issue. Will the tech help me through this? Do I need salt if my water hardness is "slightly hard" at 55-60 mg/L? Is this regular salt or a special Miele salt?

3. Do I need any other special Miele products?

4. I've been using jet dry and Finish Powerball tabs in my old Kenmore. Are these OK to use? I have about a year's supply of each thanks to Costco coupons.

Thank you all again so much! I'm looking forward to posting rave reviews of my Miele in future threads. :-)

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One last question. Our old DW was hard-wired by our electrician during our 2011 reno. The appliance installers coming Tuesday aren't allowed to hard-wire. I was told they will need to install a j-box for a fee. DH removed the old Kenmore today, and we're debating the pros and cons of hard-wiring vs plug-in. I'm not sure how I'd get the new unit hard-wired anyway when the installers are here if I can't do it myself. Anyway....

Is hard-wiring preferable to plug-in?

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Hiya Breezy!

The tech who installed mine said our water is soft so they don't use the softening feature but when I spoke to the sales person she checked w/the Miele rep who said that you can add it if you want to and the unit will tell you if and when you need more. The directions were to add a whole box of the Miele salt with a cup of water. I have the salt, but haven't done it yet. I also bought the miele rinse aid which i will try after I'm done with my jet dry. Apparently, the unit also tells you when you need to add more. I was warned to only use 1/2 T. of powdered detergent or 1/2 tablet for normal loads (again your water hardness levels may affect this).

You don't need to use the miele products, but I suppose the optimal results should be expected with such. I will try them to see if there is a noticible difference or not.

I know nothing about wiring. Sorry.

Yes that is very strange that the price on the Dimension Plus was better than the Dimension. Yay, you!

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Breezy - ours is plugged in and not hard wired - not sure of the advantage of the hard wire.
Oops - I hope I didn't jinx your DW - knowing that you really wanted a Miele (LOL)
Products - I used to use Cascade and when the tech came on a minor issue - he said - don't use Cascade and gave me some samples of Miele and I have been using them - there is a thread on this topic and some other recommendations but don't remember the other options.
Salt - unless you are on well water - you probably don't need the salt. Ours runs around 8, so we never hooked up the salt - just make sure the installer turns off the salt function so it doesn't keep reminder you of low salt!
Enjoy - How are you doing all of your cooking and the DW isn't even installed yet!
I will be watching the filler strip question as I think I could use those also - but maybe I really have them.

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Breezy - having soft water makes a big difference in dish washing. I think you mentioned that you have somewhat hard water? I would suggest adding the Miele salt. You can adjust it based on the level of hardness. Same with Miele rinse aid - you can adjust how much is used. I have to call Miele today to program my older La Perla as I have a whole house softener.

Congrats on snagging a Miele!

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Breezy - having soft water makes a big difference in dish washing. I think you mentioned that you have somewhat hard water? I would suggest adding the Miele salt. You can adjust it based on the level of hardness. Same with Miele rinse aid - you can adjust how much is used. I have to call Miele today to program my older La Perla as I have a whole house softener.

Congrats on snagging a Miele!

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If you do choose to use the Salt you will need to buy it on your own. I could not find it anywhere locally (Chicago - West Burbs) so I ordered the SOMAT brand from Amazon.

I don't have very hard water, but I still use the salt as I wanted to make sure that everything comes out the best it can. The box of Salt was like $20 (maybe) and that will last about a year, so I think I can swing that cost each year and not worry about anything with water hardness then.

Congrats on your new purchase.


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Plug ('n' Play) makes it less difficult to move the dishwasher to where it can be serviced when that becomes necessary. Otherwise, hard wired only provides some minute advantage in overall system reliability due to fewer parts in the electrical chain.


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