Dechlorinator inside the studs for shower(s)? What equipment?

elphaba_gwAugust 22, 2012

We will have three shower fixtures in our 5X5 hall bath after the remodel - one is standard showerhead, one is rain shower and the other is a hand shower (attached to a bar).

Would like some kind of equipment, preferably that could be hidden between studs, that could perform the function of dechlorinating the water before it hits our skin.

We are having a Moen iDigital valve and control panel installed so there will be one "source" for the water and can be accessed via a panel in a closet adjacent (but not within) the hall bath. maybe this would be a good place to install some kind of equipment for dechlorinating?

We'll be remodeling master bath room also (maybe next year or year after) as well as kitchen - our house is relatively small at 2000 sq ft in a very temperate climate - it has a pier and beam foundation. Hoping to do this dechlorinating in a phased approach rather than whole house all at once (and big bucks all at once.)

Any suggestions as to equipment or whether task is impossible unless whole house or what?

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Sophie Wheeler

If you have poor water quality, water treatment is a must. But treating water just to remove chlorine is not necessary or advisable. There really isn't enough chlorine in average tap water to affect either your hair or your skin adversely. Dechlorinating your water will make it easier for your shower to grow nasty mold and red slime fungi. If you did a whole home dechlorinator, all of that yuck and bacteria to boot can grow in your pipes as well.

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Holly - your opinion here disagrees with almost everything I've read/heard about chlorine. Though I have heard that your comments about whole house filtering are probably correct - that it is not a good idea because of the possibility of mold in cracks/crevices.

Even in a landscaping class I took (many years ago), the instructor said that if you use city (i.e. chlorinated) water to water your roses, they will live but not flourish. LOL. I want to flourish!

I'm gonna keep looking. Everything seems to point to "point of use" filtering but haven't found one yet that I can hide behind the walls of my spiffy new shower (when it is built).

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