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Can anyone that used a portable induction plate and now have induction cooktop compare the two. In a public kit the range doesn't have the power to boil water very quickly. I wonder if a portable induction unit would be beneficial. I just read a review that they do not compare to an induction range.

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A portable induction unit works on 120v.
A cooktop works on 240v so everything else being equal, it can do more with four burners and do it faster.
Portable units work best when a smaller, covered, frying or saute pan is used and some amount of liquid is involved, because the energy is concentrated in a circle near the center of the pan.

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Thanks, obviously not what I was looking for then but I appreciate the information.

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You have to compare wattage. The counter top units max out around 1800w. This might be about the same power as the smaller hobs on a range. The larger hobs will usually have more power, maybe even twice as much.

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laat and weed are right - people who have tried the portables report that they don't boil water as fast as a full induction cooktop. I'm afraid that if you're looking to boil lots of water fast, it's still not magic, even with a powerful induction range or cooktop. My induction cooktop, on boost on the 11" hob, takes about 8-9 minutes to bring to a boil 8 quarts of cold water in a 12 qt pan (I try to start with hot water usually). But it takes less than a minute to boil a couple of inches of water on a smaller hob. Does that help?

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