My BOOTMGR is compressed

randy427April 16, 2013

In trying to free up some space on DWs hard drive, I compressed the files, which, as it turns out also compressed BOOTMGR. Now it won't boot up at all, not even into Safe Mode by pressing F8.
It's an HP Mini with no internal CD drive and running XP.
I have an external CD drive, if that helps.
Is there any hope here?

The original problem was that, apparently, some Malware has filled 99% of the 160GB hard drive, her files certainly haven't. I'll need advice on fixing that after I rectify the booting problem.


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You might consider using Kaspersky's rescue disk to clean the computer first. This does NOT require Windows to run, it starts before that.

The link shows you how to download and transfer to a USB but you can burn the .iso version to a CD. Reset the BIOS as they show so the computer seeks either the USB or CD you chose to use.

Read the instructions during install because they are quite small (I think you have to tap the letter A at some point then agree to allow it to go online to get the latest malware definitions. Good program, takes quite a while to run the test but time is irrelevant for you right now.

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You need to open a command line and the command is
Compact /?
look at it but be careful with it !

you probably need to make a bootable repair disc or usb drive to have a command prompt offline and assuming win 7 or 8 the boot drive has no letter so you will need to find ithe drive id numbers with the diskpart command.

If that thing has a restore drive.. might as well just run it and restore to factory new. Read up on how to in its online manual maybe. I have a feeling if you compressed the whole system drive it its gonna be difficult with more than just the boot manager. That's just the first item.

With a repair disk you can try the Startup Repair or Automatic Repair(win8) and run it 3 times in succession if once doesn't seem to work.. It may see corrupted bootmgr and write you a new one.

Here is a link that might be useful: MS technet DiskPart command

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I ended up booting from a borrowed XP install, navigating to a command prompt and telling it to FIXBOOT.
Why would Windows even allow you to compress this file without warning of the consequences?
The initial problem was caused by a corrupted ROXIO routine that was filling the hard drive with successive backup files, and not deleting previous backups.

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"Why would Windows even allow you to compress this file without warning of the consequences? "

Windows has thousands of utilities and settings, you can do anything you want with most of them. You can easily erase your entire hard drive while thinking you're just tidying up. The key (in my view) is to never attempt or fiddle with anything you don't FULLY understand. Like, never, don't even think of it!

The solution for a full drive is always to just delete files - and add another drive if you need more room.

You'll do yourself a favor dropping the Roxio software and finding a suitable replacement. Most Roxio stuff is garbage, never better attested to than by its purchase by Corel (a company that tries to make a business out of buying everyone else's cast-off junk)

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