jamesntnApril 2, 2013

I am running windows 7. I have MSE virus protection, Malwarebytes and Supermalwarebytes. Yet, I was the lucky receiver of a Trojan.Ranso which locked my computer and demanded 300 dollars. I was able to do a system restore through safe mode, but am worried about this crap returning. This is just unreal to me, since I have never experienced this before. Anyone familiar with and have any suggestions?

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Malwarebytes does not run in real time to protect your computer, but it can be used to scan and rid your computer of malware. After you did the restore, did you run a scan with malwarebytes to be sure it's really gone? I'm not aware of anything called 'Supermalwarebytes'. Could you be referring to Superantispyware? Same as with malwarebytes, run a scan to see if it finds anything to remove. No program can guarantee 100% protection, since new scams, trojans, virii, etc are always appearing. So all have their limitations. I would also recommend Spywareblaster which does offer some protection. Download, install, and update every week or so. No scans with this, but some protection from lots of nasties.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spywareblaster

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Sorry, I meant Superspyware. Malwarebytes did remove the Trojan. Thanks for the Spywareblaster link.

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