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marie_ndcalApril 8, 2013

Does anyone know IF and where I can go to find Email address and passwords? I am having trouble with one because I cannot find out the password> I have contacted them 4 times and nothing works--don't even remember if I had the information at the time of installation.

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Are you asking about an email address created in the same account from your ISP? Or are you asking about an email address created with a different email provider? If the former, you should be contacting tech service at your ISP. If the latter, then contact that provider. Sounds like you need to do a better job of keeping a record usernames and passwords.

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You are right, I need to do a better job keeping track of the information.

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Marie, I had an email through yahoo and gmail at different times for surfing and newsletters. I had trouble with each one and cancelled the accounts. You have no idea how much trouble that caused me. There were places I could not access like my friends card at Eddie B's, the same type of card at BB and a couple of other places. I could not remember which email address I used for those places. I lost points = a lot of money at BB. Finally I just set up a disposable email through my server and use it. No more problems.

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