My Birds are Back!

canarybird01January 6, 2011

I don't think they ever really went far away but since last summer I hadn't seen much of the blakbirds and doves who used to come to the birdfeeder in the little tree outside my computer room window.

Dove from May 2009:

But now they are beginning to reappear.

First a dove and then a blackbird, both of whom probably remembered the feeder from last year, and this morning there were two blackbirds.

Blackbird on January 2, 2011:

I hope they will keep coming and let me again capture some photos of the babies in the nest, when they appear.

In the meantime, here are a couple of short video clips I managed to take through the window:




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Love the bird pix and videos, Sharon! So glad they came back so you could enjoy them!

We have doves here, and we also have red-winged blackbirds, but I really love that little blackbird of yours!

Cute feeder, too!


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I'm glad your friends are back Sharon. I know they bring you joy and make you smile and that makes me smile.

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Sharon, I'm glad to hear your feathered friends have returned too, and I hope you get to watch those babies hatch and grow.


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Beautiful pictures, Sharon.

I'm so glad they've returned and am looking forward to the baby pictures.

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They look.....delicious. j/k.

We have an itinerant flock of parrot type birds that loop around my area, I look forward to their returns as well.

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I'm glad your birds are back Sharon. Do you have any type of hummingbirds where you live?

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No Beverly hummingbirds don't come to this part of the world. I wish they did as I love to watch them.

Some years ago I brought a hummingbird feeder in my suitcase from Canada, filled it up and waited....and waited....and waited...and all I got was ants. Then I looked up the habitats of hummingbirds, (which I should have done before carrying the feeder all that way) and found to my dismay that they don't come to this part of the world. They're native to the Americas.

Oh well, we do get parrots in our garden, but so far they haven't come to visit my little tree.


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