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jannaz_gwApril 3, 2012

Just got the Free version of AVG installed, and I'm utterly lost! Is there a way to stop it from updating automatically? I always manually update, and check in here first!



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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Do you mean the daily definitions updates if so you never want to disable that.
If you mean updates on the actual program I am sure you can set it to advise you and let you do that, I am sure someone who uses AVG can explain it.

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I believe this is what you are requesting. This is two tasks as the program update and the definition update are separate.

Open the AVG User Interface>Tools>Advanced Settings.

In the appearing left window click on the + next to Schedules. A tree opens with three entries. Click on Definition Update Schedule. In the appearing window to the right at on the top, be sure the Enable This Task is unchecked. If not uncheck>Apply>OK

Now back on the tree click on Program Update Schedule and do the same thing.

When done close out the interface.


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When would you choose not to update to keep your antivirus as current as possible? What is it you need to check up on? My advice is to just let it do its job and don't worry about it. Yes, I do manual updates with some software just to make sure I'm not getting some extra toolbar or something. However, with my antivirus, I'm trusting them to do the right thing, and if they want to provide me daily with new antivirus definitions, well, bless them!

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I too thought about that, but maybe it is a DUN connection.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

The AV program can not protect you if you do not let it get the daily updates with the latest threats so if that is what you are trying to disable I totally agree you should not do that as soon as the pc is booted up you want that AV to go get the latest updates immediately some programs update more than once a day.

The program it self those updates I can see someone may want to be notified prior to allowing it update if they may be in the middle of something etc. I have my Avast to do all updates automatically.

On windows updates I set those to ask me first.

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Or, it may be a user that turns off the system regularly. Not saying in this case, but I know users who insist that they turn their system when not in use.

Really automatic update is nothing more than a convenience or a tool for the undisciplined. If a user has a protocol to update manually each day and sticks to it there is no difference. In my case back when I was on my DUN, which wasn't all that long ago, each day I updated my AV the first time I connected to the Internet.


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Hi, all.

DA, yes that's exactly what I was looking for.

I know it confuses everyone when I ask that sort of question. I don't take time each time I post to say that I turn the computer on one or two days a week, as DA guessed might be the case. I always always do my updates before I surf. And because in the past there have been so many glitches/oops problems, I check in here before letting anything update.

thank you all for your patience and assistance!!!!!


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Don't you just love it when a plan comes together.

You are welcome Jann.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I posted more info for you at your other post about the really bad infection you got on your computer, please let your programs get updated! not just windows and AVG but flash, adobe, java everything gets security updates not just windows they are essential to keep the holes blocked.
If you let the pc get the daily updates it is much less than waiting several days or weeks then having to wait for all of those updates to install at once before you begin using the pc. I would think especially so on dial up. Smaller equals faster.

I made other suggestions on your other post no point in repeating them.

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As who is number one and who is number two it depends on who you read and what week it is, but Flash and Java vulnerabilities are the top two targets for attacks.

How you decide to update is your decision. However, in the politest possible way I strongly suggest you do it regularly. Failure to do so would be your fault as the user in control.


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Yup. I agree, and again much appreciate the advice.


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