Recent Emtek problems?

Kathy HarringtonJuly 28, 2014

Was at our build site this weekend, and I had ordered an Emtek lever to check it with the interior doors we had ordered. My contractor said he has had recent problems with Emtek and would prefer if I checked out Fusion. We were so busy talking about so many issues involved with the build, that I didn't question him further. Am planning on calling him this week, before I return the lever,but thought I would check with any of you to find out if any recent Emtek purchases were less quality or difficult to install? Any issues?? Also, anybody use Fusion? I'm reluctant because my small preliminary search shows it's more expensive than an already expensive Emtek lever.

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We just installed Emtek in the small lake house we're building and the installer (who is very particular) was impressed and called the locking system "ingenious".

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Kathy Harrington

Thanks I just spoke with my builder who agreed the quality was wonderful. He had problems with distribution the past month, but we have plenty of time to work with any distribution issues.

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BTW check out's They have some good prices on Emtek. I have used them in the past (bought a houseload 5 years ago, and they worked great). You should also note that if you want a custom config they can order it from Emtek, even if it's not shown on their website. Just call their customer support. If Emtek can build it, can order it for you.

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Timely post, I am currently having problems with an Emtek cimarron lever. Its coming loose after tightening at least 2x after install. I requested the special span wrench from the supplier which they sent to my address very quickly. Hopefully 3rd time is the charm..

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We just installed several Emtek knobs for a few doors, one exterior and a few interior. The entry door set took longer than expected to arrive, but our contractor remarked that they were all high quality.

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