Do just delete (I DID) or do the cleaning computer?

marie_ndcalApril 17, 2013

While I was reading some information, I got this message from Microsoft Security Essentals Alert. It was in a small red box and told me I had to clean my computer or it would crash
This is what was listed: Trojan PSX win 32 laurels
Hack tools win 32/w elevateA
Adware win 32 Fraud
I have AVAST, nothing came thru, ran my other two programs yesterday when I got a similar message.
I am not sure it is from Microsoft or???
Any ideas?

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Do you have both Avast and MSE? If yes, you should NOT. If you have Avast only and got a "warning" from MSE, it was probably fraudulent.

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I am suspicious that such a message is from MSE. I am inclined to think you have a virus. Download and run Malwarebytes ( and Super Antispyware ( -- both free -- run their scans, and report back.

And, as azinoh says, if you are running both Avast and MSE at the same time, stop: choose one and disable the other.

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PKponder TX

I agree, it sounds like scare ware.

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I ran both programs and nothing showed up. Went to my programs to see if something got installed without my doing it--can't find anything. I think I have only on anti-virus Avast Can you tell me how I can find MSE? I did not see it in my list of programs?
Thanks to all

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A simple stroll down Google Lane provided the below for your review, and there is more.


Here is a link that might be useful: Microsoft

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