How would you configure sinks on a 10' continuous vanity?

sojayAugust 1, 2014

I have a 120" space for four 30" drawer cabinets. How should I place the sinks? In cabinet 2 and 3, leaving counter space on each side? In cabinet 1 and 3, leaving space between and leaving space for a makeup counter to the far right?

I was contemplating just a single sink, since we currently have two (on an L-shaped wall) but always tend to use the same one anyhow, but two seems to be expected these days, especially when there is space.

The cabinets are a done deal, so I can't change their width. The wall above is a continuous line of recessed mirrored medicine cabinets.

Should I consider a two-fauceted trough sink? Aren't they hard to rinse if they are too wide? My kitchen sink is already very wide and I need a flexible spray faucet to rinse it, so I can't imagine fixed wall-mounted faucets doing the job.

What would you do?


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Definitely put in two sinks! You have enough space for it, and future buyers will wonder why you didn't and won't want to redo your efforts. Using cabinets 2 and 3 will give you to most symmetrical look but I worry that things will be too close together and appear squished. I think using cabinets 1 and 3 could work. However, depending on the layout of the room, you may want to consider using 2 and 4 if there is a wall by cabinet 1. Is the end of the vanity by cabinet 4 open or does it butt into another wall, or shower? If it is possible to get another cabinet to match, you may consider stacking a wall cabinet on top of either 1 or 4 for a hutch look that you could use for makeup, or hide electrical for hair dryers and such.

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Sophie Wheeler

I woudn't do 10' of vanity. It's excessive, even by today's bloated bath sizes. I'd do a 18' linen tower on each end to create the storage needed, and then with the 7' left over, I'd do 2 30'' vanities with a 24'' drawer stack in the middle.

30'' drawer stacks are an inappropriate choice for the space, especially considering the fact that you need to fit sinks into the space and would need to completely gut the cabinets to do so. You need different cabinets no matter what you do. Take the opportunity to design the project correctly from the beginning.

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Is there a wall on either side? Or both? My answer would depend a bit on the layout of the whole room. Can you post a sketch of the layout?

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Babka NorCal 9b

You say you already have two sinks in that bathroom on an L-shaped wall. Why would you want more? And more importantly, is why you have 30" drawers. I have all drawers and love them, but I cannot visualize 30" drawers. How deep? Sure would be good to see a sketch of your layout.


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Thanks for your input which I have taken to heart and which made me rethink and rethink...

This is what I have come up with:
Eliminate one of the 30" cabs to create symmetry, put a sink in cab 1 and 3, and replace the non-wall end with a tall cabinet 18"w, set a few inches back from the horizontal cabs. I was afraid to not have table space for makeup, but with the tall cab I can put in pull-out drawers which lighting and mirror inside. I also like the width is a bit less, which allows the tub to be positioned straight, not on an angle.

Something like this. What do you think?

I am definitely keeping the 30" drawers. Love both the modern floating look and the functionality. They have two 15" tall drawers, and an interior drawer within the top drawer, which if under a sink has a wraparound-the-sink layout.

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