Final (?) decision on a new PC

Sue_vaApril 29, 2013

After reading and absorbing all the help and suggestions here for a couple months, I think I have finally made a decision on a new PC, to replace my 6 year old HP Media Center that was freezing up a lot.

This one:

Desktop p7qe
⢠Windows 7 Home Premium 64
⢠3rd Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 quad-core processor [3.0GHz, 6MB Shared Cache]
⢠1TB 7200 rpm SATA hard drive
⢠No secondary hard drive
⢠6GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [2 DIMMs]
⢠Integrated Intel(R) HD Graphics [DVI-I & DVI-D, DX 10.1]
⢠SuperMulti DVD Burner
⢠Integrated (Gigabit) Ethernet support, No wireless LAN
⢠15-in-1 memory card reader, 2 USB 3.0, audio
⢠Microsoft(R) Office Starter: reduced-functionality Word & Excel w/ ads. No PowerPoint or Outlook
⢠No additional security software
⢠No TV Tuner
⢠Beats Audio (tm) -- integrated studio quality sound
⢠HP keyboard and optical mouse, plus new monitor

I have always had HPs and have found that most problems I've had were caused by the PITC.*

EmmaR and DA, you have replied to my concerns and I know you are HP users. You mentioned ordering the Recovery Disks. Did you order from HP? I don't remember seeing them on their site.

Opinions welcomed.

*PITC= Person in the chair.



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Yes I call HP to order them. Have your PC set up when you call so you can get to the numbers they need. They need more than just the model number. You will also get instructions for doing a reformat. I didn't know you could still W 7. Congratulations.

I just re read your post. I had trouble with my first pc and the problem was me, an inexperienced use. LOL I was worried I would hurt the PC and the tech told me you can't hurt it. If you change something you can't live with, the reformat CDs will make the PC like it came from the store. I had more confidence then.

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I haven't ordered HPecovery disks since windows XP. Visata and 7 walked me through making the recovery disks on DVD and every HP I have had the recovery was partitioned on the hard drive too so one push of a button and it's restored to factory. Never had to do it though. Mary

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acrafty lady, when I bought my last computer I had a problem right away and he was going to walk me through doing a recovery, not make the discs. I told him I had the CDs and he said "use those, they do a more thorough job". Years ago I reformatted at least once a year and my pc was quite a bit faster. With W7 I don't notice a lot of difference in the speed, but it's little faster booting up.

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I have never needed to do it on my computers as they have always run good even when they get old which is more than I can say for hubby and I, he he. I wonder why the DVD's are different than the partition to take it to out of the box state, would be curious to know. Mary

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I don't know Mary, he didn't explain.

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I have always purchased my Recovery Disks for one reason. If I do need to restore I then don't risk the chance of duplicating bad Windows code on the system.


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More food for thought. I never got Recovery Disks for any other HPs, but I'm thinking maybe I should for WIN7.

But, as of yet, I haven't received the PC. I'm hesitant to pay for it until I get it, and the due date is tomorrow. Discover tells me they understand that, and if I go ahead and make the payment, I will be reimbursed for any interest that might accrue until the PC arrives. I think I can trust Discover. Don't want to pay interest!!


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Did you get that in writing? When I bought a new computer last year ordered it online and used discover but I never worry about that stuff. I don't see how the disks they send are different than the ones you make or what's on the partition. Gonna have to goggle and see what's up with that. Mary

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I think people's attitudes about getting/making recovery disks are like getting extended warranties for purchased goods: some want it always, some don't care.

For me, having a recovery sector is enough. If more is desired, I think Crafty's comment about making your own (or making a disk image) is reasonable and easy enough to do. There's certainly no harm done.

In 25 years of using and owning a few dozen machines, I've never needed to recover from a disaster or disk failure. You can interpret that two ways - you could say that shows that recovery planning is mostly unnecessary (I've got files backed up redundantly), or you might say I'm overdue for a disaster and it'll happen to me any day now.

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In 25 years of using and owning a few dozen machines, I've never needed to recover from a disaster or disk failure.

Ha ha, a lucky man I would say. Two hard drives have quit on me over the years requiring a new install.

Creating a set of recovery disks (or buying them) is a simple operation and a wise precaution for most. Then if the hard drive fails you still have the CD/DVD set to re-install once a new hard drive is in place.

These are made from the recovery partition not by creating an image of your computer for those who may wonder.

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I feel I can do things with my PC, take chances or what ever with formatting cds to bail me out. It is like a insurance policy that I can cash in when I need it, no premiums. If I change something and can't remember what I did, it's an easy fix. We all have our own level of comfort and motivations to learn more. I don't have anyone to talkj "PC" with and you learn a lot with someone with the same interests.

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Emma, you're right. Everyone should do what they're comfortable with. It just happens that what you and I are comfortable with are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I've got no problem with that.

Owbist, you probably know that drive failures statistically happen when a drive is new, or old, but not in-between. I've figured that if it lasts long enough to outlive the warranty period, I'm good until replacement time comes. So far, so good. I value my financial data and media files and they are backed up redundantly and offsite. I don't highly value my PCs, they can die, suffer an accident, or be stolen, and besides the slight inconvenience, I've lost nothing.

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If you need to install Windows and do not have a recovery partition or disk, you can always download Windows free of charge from Digital River. You then would need to install drivers but with a mfg. like HP, all the drivers you need are on the HP support and drivers webpage.

The foregoing assumes that you have a valid Windows product key.

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Good discussion above.

The computer is here! Arrived day before yesterday, and is still in the box on the floor. Hasn't been set up yet ....I can't even pick it up. My DGD and her DH are coming tomorrow to help me with all this.

Thanks to all of you.


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A terrific thunder storm prevented my helpers from getting here to get the computer set up. Even the ISP had an outage,

But it is up and working now and I have been playing with it, and trying to learn the changes from WINXP to WIN7. Seems very different to me. I will have a lot of questions, no doubt.

First question: My Facebook says Java Script not enabled. How do I enable it? I found the info here on FF Support very confusing.



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