Okay to have two lever styles in whole house?

mjtx2July 26, 2012

Should you really have only one door lever style throughout the entire house? I am in love with two. Can I use one on the main floor and the other on the second floor and basement? Totally flummoxed by this dilemma! Help please!

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The lever inspectors may get upset.

Differences between 'public' and 'private' portions of houses have been common for hundreds of years.

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See I knew it was a dumb question ;) But my builder thinks I should just pick one. The two I'm debating between are going to feel different in the hand. They look fairly different, too.

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If you love them both, go for using both... use one style for main rooms and other for bedrooms/bathrooms/closets. Who cares what the builder thinks.

Don't forget to buy a few extras of each style for down the road if they start to break. With the lever styles, they tend to start to 'sag' after a while. (As compared to the knob styles which don't have an oppurtunity to 'sag'). Kids are especially tough on the levers.

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"But my builder thinks I should just pick one."

He is trying to make his job easier.

It is simpler to tell an installer to "put in the door locks" than "put in this style on the first floor, ad this style on the second floor" (or even more specific placement).

The purchase discount may also be larger for buying more identical units

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