Keeping text size larger.

albert_135April 7, 2013

I read a lot of news online. Almost every page I must enlarge the text using the + near the upper right of the screen.

Is there some way to just keep the text size larger?

Firefox 15x and Windows 7.

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Click start, click Control panel
Click the left facing arrow beside Control panel at the top of your screen and in the drop down menu click Appearance and Personalisation.

You are given 3 choices here, I am set at 125%.

You might also click the Magnifier which you'll see just above the sizing options.

Any use?

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If you use Firefox get the ad on called "no squint". It will adjust the size of the the whole page or just the text. It will also change the stark white pages to any color you want. I use the lightest grey. Sometimes I have a problem reading the text on a web page. I click on the percentage below reset the text to black. It will put the percentages of the size icon on the add on bar in the lower right hand corner. Easy and simple to use.

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Unless you're using it for a particular reason, it might be time to update from FF15, too. Currently FF20.

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EmmaR, you are always oil on the water, and as I had no squint on the other machine, has since disappeared, could you give a link? What was in colored ink in your post lead to something else. Many thanks lady.

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Shaddy, I think you have to be using FF, it is a FF add-on. You do not need a link. In FF go to your tool bar, click on tools, then add ons. There will be a search bar in the top right corner, type "no squint" and search. it will come up, choose install and restart FF. That is one of my favorite add-ons. With my cataracts it really helps, both in font size and in coloring those glaring white pages. I didn't understand your question about the colored ink. When this is installed look in the lower right hand corner and click on the numbers with the percent sign.

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Thanks EmmaR, I believe some changes to the options in Nosquint has removed the annoyance.

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You're welcome.

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