largest refrigerator ( 68 1/4' in height?

topiary693August 17, 2008

I'm hoping for some help from the experts on this board.

I'd like to purchase a nice, large new refrigerator but the opening for it in our kitchen is 68 1/4" high by 36" wide and we'd rather not go to the trouble of remodeling. Might anyone else have encountered this problem and found a ~25 cu. ft. unit that fits this opening? The largest unit we've found is a 22.2 Cu.Ft. GE (GFSL2KEXLS) with a 67 3/4" height to the top of the case.

Thanks so much!

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Sorry I forgot to mention that we would prefer a french door/bottom freezer style and there is enough room for the unit to 'stick out' so the height including the hinge can be taller, but most of the larger units have a height that is 68 1/2" which is barely too tall for our opening.


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I've got the same problem, kitchenaid has one but it's $2600. I think maytag and amana are more likely to have the shorter units. I'll be searching too

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I had the same problem: I needed about 1.75 inches of space. I had a local kitchen cabinet maker come in to take a look & he said he could certainly take that amount off the top of our cabinet above the doors (and the entire cabinet box, of course)& then replace the molding. He did this in a turnaround time of less htan 24 hours, removing and reinstalling it. You would never know anything had been done to the cabinet, and the fridge fit perfectly. All this for $212! Are we happy campers? You betcha!

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Did you ever find a fridge to fit? I have the same problem. I am willing to re-do the cabinet, but finding people who do that is always a problem. The last time I had a cabinet changed like that to "move up" the microwave over the range, it was $500 (although they did a great job and it was a bigger job).

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Ugh. I had the same problem when I was shopping for a fridge. In my mind, my plan was to re-do my kitchen in a couple of years but I really wanted and needed a new fridge in early 2008. So I did my measuring for height clearance and went shopping only to discover that most fridges had grown taller than my 69" limit. It was a BEAR trying to find one that would fit! I finally found a LG, french door at 68. 5/8. It took weeks!

Anyway, once the fridge was installed, I LOVED the fridge... but HATED the rest of my kitchen. So... I promptly remodeled it! HA! The joke was on me -- In the long run, I could have bought any height fridge I wanted since I did get all new cabinetry. And I purposely left extra clearance this time in case I need a new fridge now the road. The extra room works well as I have a small kitchen, I put cutting boards on top of the fridge.

Fortunately, I am very happy with the fridge so far. Works well and looks great. But had I known I was going to re-do the kitchen, I'd have gone a little larger. Or, had I really thought it through, I'd have shortened the existing cabinets as my original plan was to replace them in a couple of years. But it all worked out!

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Sounds familar. Was looking to get a larger fridge but the space was to small, also was looking to update the counter tops. Bottom line totaling new kitchen nothing is where it was and the fridge went from 18 ft Top mount to a 48 Subzero etc....double ovens.... Last time I ever mention a change.....

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When I S/W GE, they recommended at least 2" of air space between the top of the refer and the bottom of the cabinets for air circulation, which really limits your options. I found a guy to raise the height of the cabinets by 3" for a lot less $ than I imagined and now I can buy just about any F/D I want.

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P.S. Remember, the back of a F/D refrig is typically 1.5" less in height, due to the hinges in the front.

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I'm looking at refrigerators and have a 68" clearance below my cabinets. I can find a few 67 1/4" refrigerators, but if I need to leave 2" clearance between the refrigerator and cabinets, this won't work. Any comments? Does anyone have a shorter refrigerator that they like?
The available width is 34" and frequently the refrigerator is not that wide, so I could use a wider as well as shorter one.

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I have just found myself in this same situation :( What a bummer! So any new news since 2010 posting ?

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