Samsung RFG297 refrigerator whiney noise?

bbe782August 6, 2009

Hoping someone can help.

I bought our Samsung RFG297 in May and love it except for the noise it makes when it kicks on. I don't really have a problem with the loud noise of the ice falling in the ice bin because I expect that. However, when the refrigerator kicks on I hear a kinda whirring,whiney,squealy high pitched noise for about 3 minutes or so then it settles into the humming noise I'd expect coming from a fridge. The noise is loud enough to be annoying when I'm watching tv in the family room a few feet away. I'd read customer reviews that said the fridge was so quiet they could hardly tell it was running so I'm wondering if there's a problem with mine. Has anyone else noticed this kind of noise with the 297 model?



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I've been reading a lot of reports about the RFG297 and I haven't seen any reports of that particular type of noise. (That's the exact Sumsung model that I've been seriously considering.)

Since it's still under warranty you might want to contact Samsung to see if they have any suggestions. If you purchased it from a retail outfit like Sears you might want to contact them first.

Could you still exchange the unit if it turned out you simply got a bad unit?


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I have had this fridge for a month and have not heard this problem. I do remember reading something in the manual about being sure not to block air intake holes in the back of it, especially with plastic bags. Have you checked this out?

It really is so quiet compared to my old Kitchenaid that I can't tell if it is running. Except for the ice, which is no louder than the KA was, so no problem for me there.

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I think this is the one I have, too, have had it about a month. Except for a noise when the ice drops, mine also doesn't make any sounds at all. So, something's up-- I would just call and have someone out to look at it.

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