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ocscott3085July 2, 2014

Hi Everyone,
Thanks to all of the wonderful recommendations from Hide a hose users on these forums, I upgraded my standard central vac system with a HAH outlet last summer. Well, last week as I was pulling the hose from the outlet, the cuff where it attaches to the handle completely ripped off the hose. I was actually okay with this as I wanted to purchase a new hose with sock. However, after doing some research on some central vac store websites, I discovered that there's a new hose style available for HAH. It's called a "rapid flex" hose and it's blue in color, doesn't require a smelly sock, and makes your vacuum even more powerful. I was a bit skeptical but gave it a try and could NOT believe how much better the Turbocat ran when hooked up. I thought it worked well before but the suction is now even better! I was a little worried that not having a hose sock would cause scuffs but it just slides around my baseboards without any scratches or marks. I know some of you may be due for a new hose soon so I thought I'd share my experience since you were so generous in sharing yours a few years ago. I believe I only paid $80-something for a new 40ft rapid flex hose but again, well worth it!

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Glad to hear this. We just had a system installed in our new build. I have not had a chance to use it yet since we're still in construction but our system does include this new hose. Thanks for letting us know your review.

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Is there really a noticeable difference? I called to get the new hose but wasn't sure if I should or not. Anybody else try new hose? I am building so never used HAH.

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For me, it made a significant difference in terms of the ease of pulling it around...it seems more flexible than the regular hose as well as more powerful. I was really torn between ordering the regular HAH with a sock versus the new rapid flex hose. However, the sales woman I spoke to when ordering had purchased one for her own house and said when she used it, the suction felt like a brand new vac system. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt the same and my central vacuum is only two years old. Also, it seems easier to pull out of the outlet too.

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My system is getting put in now and I was disappointed when the hose that was pulled out of the box was this one (Rapid Flex) because I'm worried about the sock-less design. I have a brand new home and don't want my woodwork scuffed up. For those who have this, have you noticed a difference on your woodwork with this new rapid flex hose?


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Interesting. I put in the hide a hose when we remodeled our kitchen about 5 years ago. Love it! I had an old Sears unit in the basement that I kept, but the suction is not as good as it should be. Wonder if this would be worth the expense to replace my old hose. Actually planning a remodel upstairs now and wondering if we could somehow add the hide a hose up there.

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We are roughed in for HAH but haven't had it finished up yet. I will have to ask about the new hose. Thanks.

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Hi All,
Well it's been 5 months and I still haven't had any issues with scuffs or marks on my extensive woodwork and baseboards. In fact, we rarely use our electric hose (with sock) and powerhead anymore The HAH and Turbocat do great on their own! The only thing I will caution you about is that the hose retracts MUCH faster now so I do have to be a bit careful when it's being pulled back in so that it doesn't "whip" against the wall.

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Thanks! My rapid flex has been installed and seems to work well. Not sure how it compares woodworkwise, since I never had one before. Hopefully it won't scuff it all!

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