Help with Bathroom Mirror and Cabinet Scribe!!!

blayscueAugust 16, 2013

I have been having my bathroom remodeled, and this is how the scribe was installed today. The mirror has already been ordered, so that can't be changed. It comes up flush with each wall. I don't like how the scribe juts out past the tile. Since the mirror will sit right on the tile, I assume that the scribe will be the only thing jutting out past everything else. I need to figure out how to resolve this. Would love some feedback! Thanks!

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Sophie Wheeler

Remove the scribe.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. The only problem is that the mirror was measured with the scribe, so it won't be flush now. The scribe is 1/4 inch, so there will be 1/8 inch gap on each side. Would that be noticeable? Maybe we could just caulk where the cabinet doesn't meet the back wall flush and just put mirror up without scribe. What do you think about that small gap on each side?

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Why not remove the scribe and cut it back so it doesn't project as much and reinstall it?

Actually you are looking though, at the full thickness of it right now and Most of it will be covered by the side of the mirror. I think a gap would be more noticeable.

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