Cleaning Oven Racks with Glides Warning

kjonyouAugust 14, 2013

Ugh, so I finally got a new oven after 10 years. It has these new racks that have glides on the sides with ballerinas so the rack slides all the way out like a nice drawer. Its an Electrolux.

I cannot figure out how to clean these things. What is the best way to do this without destroying the finish?

I know one method is to leave them in during self clean but these new ovens have a sensor that will not let you do that. Self clean will not activate until the racks are out. Plus it will ruin the finish.

I tried soap and water, soaking in a tub overnight in laundry soap and the ammonia in a plastic bag and Barkeepers friend.

The problem is the glides. After soaking in the tub, it did knock off a lot of stuff, but it also made the glides squeak because it got rid of the grease put on by the manufacture. So I used a little cooking oil and they worked fine. That is until actually baked something. The oil starting baking on and dripping off creating a small mess. The glides are now yellow from burnt on oil.

I the tried Ammonia. Tested it on a small toaster oven rack and wow! That stuff is amazing, sparkling clean chrome. So I did the same with my expensive oven racks and now what? Dull stained chrome. I tried polishing it up with some Bar Keepers Friend and it did help somewhat but nothing near new. Definably a lot duller then the untouched one.

And to put insult to injury, I located the special high temperature lube for food grade part by the manufacture and a 4oz tube is almost $50! New racks are $150 each.

Anyone have suggestions on how to clean these without damaging them? Not sure why the Ammonia made them dull.

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I would check with the place you bought the stove. If not them, go to the manufacturer and ask about the glides. The first place I look is the book that comes with the appliance....surely other people have had this problem.

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I think some people put them in a garbage bag with cold oven cleaner and leave them overnight. You could google that.

On the other hand, I think you're overly concerned with oven racks sparkling like new. Obviously you want to get gunk and grime off them but once you start using any appliance, particularly an oven, it will show some wear and tear. I'll bet no one looks inside your oven except you! Learn to accept the patina on them. I've had my range for over 10 years and although I've self-cleaned the oven, I've never once bothered about the racks. The same was true for my previous range of 20 years.

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I would have no problem with a "patina" on the racks, but I'd definitely have a problem if gliding racks stopped gliding smoothly -- is that the case?

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Yes, I did check the manual from front to back, it just say make sure you remove the racks and clean them with soap and water. Went to the factory website nothing on it either other then soak a paper town with Amonia and let it sit on top of tough spots for 15 minutes. These are kind of newer thing to deal with.

Any kind of soaking will eliminate the grease needed for the racks to slide. They have a factor lubricant they use for sale but like I said it $50 just for that. It has to be food safe and take temps of over 550F which most oils cant do.

I looked for other brands but I cant seem to find an alternative since Electrolux has their brand name and part name on the bottle and nothing else. Dose not say what type of grease it is. If I call them I am sure the answer will be buy our product.

It dose kind of smoke the first few times which they say is normal. But they will not tell me what kind of grease they use.

As for clean, just curious if anyone else tried the ammonia in a bag over night trick and came out dulled finish almost like it was left in the oven during a cleaning cycle. It dose not seem like this should happen to chrome.

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FWIW, on my new Elux, I spot cleaned the gunk with 409 -- saturated a paper towel with it, and wrapped the gunky spots and left it on a couple of hours. Scrubbed it off with a ScotchBrite pad. Then soap and watered the whole rack and shoved it back in. Seemed to do okay. I don't care what my racks look like, but yeah, they have gotta glide.

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That's one of the advantages of the GE Monogram -- you can leave the racks in during the oven cleaning cycle. But the GE also comes with a small bottle of lubricant. I think it's graphite, precisely for the reason that it's very hard to get an oil that can withstand the repetitive exposure to high heat. Agree with other people's comments too that you can't expect the get the racks back to gleaming new. The goal should be just to remove caked on debris that might smoke or give off flavors to future foods being cooked.

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You're supposed to clean the racks? :-)

One tip I can add is that if you want a liquid to stay on a strange shaped or tight place, try using toilet paper instead of paper towels. It gets mushy, takes any shape, and sticks well. I do this around bathroom faucets, saturating the toilet paper with vinegar to remove hard water deposits or soap scum.

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I don't know what type of grease or lubricant the manufacturer supplies, but Amazon has a number of products from Utlralube Food grade , it has a flash point of 583 F to 620 F depending on which grade you get. The website gives you the flashpoint temperatures

I bought some from Amazon and used it for my door hinges on my oven and am quite happy..

Here is a link that might be useful: Ultra Lube Food Grade - Flash point 583 F

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This is the Ultra Lube grease which has a flash point of 619F

Here is a link that might be useful: Ultra Lube Grease

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Thanks! That Ultra Lube is exactly what I was looking for. Most of the ones I found were not food grade.

I am not paranoid but using some mystery chemical grease for car engines scares me because I sometime crank that oven up to 550f for pizzas. Burning mystery grease fumes is probably not a good idea.

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