For those said they'd post after air tub install but did not...

sandyinvaAugust 30, 2010

In previous threads, many of you promised to get back to the forum after your air tub was installed.... Now that your tub has been installed, please post feedback. :>) I am still on the fence, leaning toward a bain ultra but need to try one out. No spas nearby...we will have to spend the night somewhere. I certainly wish there was a way to try other tubs in Northern VA for comparison purposes.

Thanks in advance.

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Sherrie Moore

We installed a Bain Ultra Oval Plus three years ago in our masterbath remodel. I love the tub. I love the shape of the tub and the slope of the back. The heated back. It is a nice deep soaking type tub. I will say I only use the air bubbles on occasion. Mainly I like to lay in the tub with a glass of wine and a book or the TV we have on the wall on.

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We just got ours running a couple days ago...Bainultra Amma with chromo
So far we are very happy, install had a few gliches... European plug, control pad installs in a weird way (we didn't put it on the tub deck)
I don't think the bubbles are too strong as many have previously posted... and I am one who hates the feel of jetted tubs... way to strong
I am happy we splurged, it looks very elegant and the arm rests are very comfortable
I will prob also use it more for soaking (the air is pretty loud), that is why I got the lights in it... they are cool

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I'd love to comment, but still not installed yet.

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I had an Acryline airtub installed - but I'm not in my house yet so I cant' tell you if I like it or not.

This brand is priced less than the Bainultra's - since I also had a steam shower installed I needed to cut back on the total bath price alittle.

I choose the airtub over the jets only becuase of cleaning it and bacteria growth.

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We have a 72 x 42 bain ultra amma oval, undermounted. I posted pics when we were finished, not sure hot to resurrect them.

It fits 2 adults comfortably, the arm rests and 3 light chromotherapy are fantastic. We fight over using it and it's not even winter yet! Our water bills have gone up a bit-- don't know about the electric since the air conditioner hasn't turned off in months.

The air jets can be splashy at 100% power. If we set it that high, it's not for a long time.

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Sorry, mine was installed in June and I live in Arizona, so I've only used it once. But I liked it that once! I just need to get better at figuring out how much water versus the splash factor. On my first use, I left the bathroom pretty soaked.
Check with me again in the Spring, I'm sure I'll have a LOT more experience with it.

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Mm22, how did you install the control pad? We are in the process of installing our Amma and cannot figure this out.

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