Flash Opera at Reading Terminal Market

dedtiredJanuary 10, 2011

It happened again -- a Random Act of Culture. The Opera Co of Philadelphia performed a "flash opera" at the Reading Terminal Market this past weekend. This video is great. I love the expressions on the shoppers faces -- and some of them turn out to be performers! It's also a nice glimpse of the RTM. Wish this had happened for the Philly Phood Phrenzy.


Here is a link that might be useful: Opera at the RTM

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Well you know you had ME hyperventilating from the get-go. Those are some hot looking Escamillos! Can I put in a request for the 'Anvil Chorus' or.....The Mad Scene from Lucia? That would eat up 15 minutes LOLOL

Good for them for doing a crowd pleaser from Carmen, their next production, Romeo and Juliet, doesn't have any blockbuster hits.

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Oh!! Love it Love it !! Was waiting for Carmen to make her entrance with the rest of the cigarette girls!

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Now that was COOL!

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Love it! Taking opera to the masses. Hope it helps fill the seats at the opera house!

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AWESOME!!! thank you for sharing! that appealed to quite a few of my senses. :-)

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I loved it, but when I tried to show it again to a friend, the sound wouldn't work! :(

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Ellen, I just tried it and the sound was fine. Maybe try again?

Glad you all liked it as much as I did. Linda, in Philadelphia it would be ladies selling soft pretzels instead of cigarettes!

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It's a shame they weren't there when we were at the Philly Phood Phrenzy.
I would have liked to join in with them.

Now,I'm getting hungry for a Philly Cheese Steak.

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How neat is that? Gee, that never happened when dh & I used to stop in there! LOL! What a great surprise and treat for the shoppers. Nice treat for us too. Thanks for sharing!

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