Replace Miele Dishwasher G841? ADA Compliant

shappyAugust 13, 2014

14 year old Miele has been great. Now getting intake/drain light. Pulled a broken piece out of the nonreturn valve and it worked fine for a few cycles and the intake/drain line light came on. Called a repair person, said the problem was when I put the nonreturn valve back I didn't push it in enough and said 100% it was fixed. It worked a few more days and the intake/drain line light was back on. Repair man came out again and spent about a minute and said I need some kind of a pump and it would be around $300. That doesn't make sense to me since it works perfectly sometimes so I don't really trust him.
So I thought I'd just get a new one. I only have room for an ADA compliant one (due to 2" high oak floors). I saw the Bosch SGE63E15UC but it gets such lousy reviews. The salesman discouraged me from getting this because "its noisy". Then he discouraged me from getting a new Miele because they charge for delivery, high installation etc.
If I didn't need a smaller ADA dishwasher it would be easy, does anybody have any experience with ADA dishwashers?? ASKO also makes several models.

I certainly don't need anything fancy but I've loved my Miele, the only thing I don't like is getting someone to work on it, almost no one does!

Would it make more sense to try and find someone who knows what they are doing to repair a 14 yr old dishwasher?

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Yes, it makes sense to find a better repairman!! Have you called Miele directly? They may be able to help, too.

Messing up your floors is not a good idea, so if the DW can be fixed (do put down pads when a workman comes so your floor doesn't get messed up anyway) it's worth fixing.

I don't know about ADA compliant DWs, but my parents got an Asko that would fit without disturbing their floor and they hate it. While you're looking for competent repair, you might also talk to a floor expert and see if anything can be done to accommodate a standard model.

Since the one you have already is there, fits, and has a good record of function, it's worth having it restored.

Oh! And if it's a question of design, such as door height, or maybe even overall height, rather than getting it in around the floor, do try going to supplier who deals with a lot of independent contractors. They often have catalogs which include old models which are still available. There might be something out there that will work better for you.

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It sounds like your repairman is full of BS, and your salesman definitely is. The Bosch SGE is a quality dishwasher made in Germany and 49 decibels is not noisy at all. Yes there are quieter dishwashers but considering low end ones and older ones are over 60 it is very quiet. His reasons for suggesting against Miele are stupid BUT if you do not have any other repairmen around I would agree with him. No way should you buy a dishwasher, no matter how high quality, that locks you into an incompetent repairman.

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Try this:

Here is a link that might be useful: Technical Information G 600 and G 800 Dishwashers

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Thanks for the responses. I have loved this Miele dishwasher more than ANY I've ever had. There were a couple of other issues (soap dispenser doesn't open, pieces of rack have rusted off) so I decided to replace it.

I called Miele directly and was made my decision immediately was this:

Terms & Conditions

Receive a FREE 5 Year Warranty on any Miele Dishwasher


Purchase any Miele dishwasher directly from Miele under Miele Pricing between August 1 to August 31, 2014, inclusive, and receive a FREE upgrade from manufacturer's standard one (1) year warranty to a Five (5) Year Total Miele Extended Warranty. All qualifying appliances must be purchased directly from Miele a Miele Chartered Agent.

Since reliability is #1 for me and I love Miele (have several of their vacuums) the 5 year warranty cinched it for me!

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Just a follow up if anyone's interested. Installed by Miele Concierge, my husband was home, he was very pleased.

This is the entry level Classic Futura and it's the quietest dishwasher I've ever heard! I literally have to put my ear to the panel to see if it's running (still getting used to no programs indicators visible). Cleans beautifully, IMHO Miele is a class act!

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Shappy, thank you very much for your information, which is very helpful.

I am interested in buying a Miele Dimension G5675SCVI. I have some questions. Did you order your Miele through its web site? Is the installer recommended by Miele? How much is the installation? Did the installer hall away the old one?

Thank you very much.

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I actually called Miele directly, told them my DW was 14 yrs old, described my problem and I wanted direction to repair or replace. The rep was great, told me I qualified for a loyalty program, transferred to their Concierge service and the man gave me personalized help with ordering the new DW over the phone. They offered me the free 5 yr parts and labor so it was a no-brainer to replace. They arranged the delivery for 2 days later. The service was awesome! (Compared to hardly getting anyone to wait on me at the local Pacific Sales who wanted more for delivery, etc.)

The total charge was $180 for delivery, free haul away. It was installed by Miele directly through the Concierge program. The experience was a painless, personalized pleasant one! I was impressed.

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Shappy, thank you so much for your detailed information, very helpful.

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