Vanity Mirrors and Scones.

eandjAugust 11, 2012

We are currently trying to figure out where to place sconces in our master bath, which is currently being remodeled. We were originally planning on going with 3 sconces with 2 mirrors. Ideally, the scones would be the same distance apart from each side of the mirrors, but given the size of the vanity, that won't happen.

I've prepared the attached mock-up to get an idea of how it would look. What do you guys think? Does it look off since they aren't equally spaced from the mirrors (i.e. the ones on the end are closer to the mirror)? Do you think we should go with it or do you have other thoughts on what may work better. We are not big fans of lighting above the mirrors.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I should add that we could do 2 single sconces between the mirrors (instead of just the one), but there would only be about 3 5/8" in between them.

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Do your mirrors hinge (are they medicine cabinets)? If so, you'd want that extra room if the hinges go past 90 degrees.

I don't suppose that sconce comes in a version that has 2 lights sticking out of one base, does it? I linked to one example below (not a replacement for your style, just a quick example).

Here is a link that might be useful: Example of double sconce

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I'm not terribly bothered by it, but I had a similar issue and ended up using larger mirrors, one sconce in the middle, and pot lights directly above (one over each sink and one in the ceiling over the toilet to the right of the vanity). If you can buy a double sconce, I think that would look better, regardless of whether you do something like I did or what you've outlined above.

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Thanks for the ideas. I will definitely look into the double sconce option. That would be a good way to fill some of that extra space.

Kevin MP - that looks great with just the single sconce.

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what is the length of the vanity, from edge to edge above the sinks? I'm wondering about one large mirror with sconces floating on the left and right. maybe hallogen lights above each sink for additional light.

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Do you have walls on both sides of the vanity? I've seen some nice vanities with lights on the sides, usually with one big mirror.

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Phylhl - The vanity is 96" long. We have great lighting overhead, so the 2 sconces on either side of a long mirror could definitely work.

Liya - There is a wall on one side and the shower glass on the other side. I love that look too, but it unfortunately won't work for us.

Thanks all!

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Did you see ShellKing bathroom? One big mirror and two light in it (for lack of better explanation :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Complete Master Bath Remodel is done!

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That's the other option I was going to recommend: a full length mirror with drilled holes for the lights to mount them directly onto the mirror. There are some drawbacks (as I found), however. First, cutting circular holes in mirror is not cheap, and second, you'd have to want a full length mirror, which some may not want. You could always frame it in. I think it would look fine either way.

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This is what worked for me, but I'm not sure it's what you're looking for. We only have one sink, so that made it easier. Based on your sketch, I would opt for a single sconce on the outside of each mirror and a double between them.

We also have a pin light above the sink which adds some pop. We also have an overhead light and a light in the shower, and two in the tub -- so there's no lack of lighting in our bathroom.

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