Bosch vs KitchenAid dishwasher selection

tjain_seattleAugust 11, 2013

Hey all,
On to my next appliance selection is the dishwasher - I think the most important functional appliance of the kitchen :)
I would prefer hidden controls just because I think its harder for my 16 month old to turn it on for fun and having a third rack sounds fun. But of course, I am not stuck to either of those requirements.
Stainless steel, clean output and energy efficient medium run-time cycle is the only must have requirement.

Miele is too expensive. My budget is to have it installed under $1000.

I have it narrowed down to a couple models based on my visit to the store today...Need a final vote on which one should it be?

1. Kitchen Aid: Kude20FBSS $749 ex tax and install
2. Bosch SHP65TL5UC $799 ex tax and install (recent reviews on Bosch have some issues with quality?)

Anyone have experience with any of the above? Is there a better model available in my $$ range?

Thanks so much!

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"Recent reviews" of Bosch DWs have always had "some issues" with quality and so also "some recent reviews" of Kitchenaid DW also have "some issues" with quality. Google "kitchenaid + dishwasher + fire" and "kitchenaid + dishwasher + clamp" and see what you get. Then google "Bosch + dishwasher + fire" and compare. The take-away? Several people somewhere are very angry about the poor quality of the products they received (some mad a Bosch, some at KA). Most Bosch and KA DW owners are just fine. So this factor is probably not going to be helpful to your deciding between the KA and Bosch.

Those prices look pretty good, especially for the KA. If you can wait until Labor Day weekend, prices might be better. Or not.

If memory serves, the KA has a "quickwash" cycle which runs in about 1 hour with most normal cycles taking 2.5 hours. I don't have any direct experience with SHE65 model you are looking at --- I prefer front mounted controls and got and SHE55 model last summer. The Bosch quickwash function takes about 30 minutes and its standard cycles take roughly 1.5 hours. According to Consumer Reports lab tests, both the KA and Bosch do an excellent job at cleaning. In reliablity surveys, Bosch DWs are reportedly a bit more reliable than KA DWs.

The KA has an optional heated dry (with a heating element). The BOsch has a higher heat rinse cycle (165F vs 150F for the KA). Supposedly, the Bosch holds 16 dinner place settings while the KA "only" does 15.

Best advice on choosing between these DWs that I've seen here at GW: take some of your dishes to the store and see how they load.

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@JWVideo, thank you much for your detailed review. I kind of need the dishwasher asap so can't wait for the labor day sale...went ahead and ordered the Bosch model stated above :)
Happy cleaning!

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