mudlady_gwApril 10, 2011

Is it good, bad or in between? I currently have Office 2000 on my XP PC and can't afford an upgrade. WIll I gain anything if I download and try OpenOffice? Are there likely to be bugs?



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Probably the most important thing is to decide what Office 2000 does not do for you that you think Open Office might.

Once you have done that then install OO and if you are unhappy simply remove it again. It is a large download, somewhere over 600 megs I think.

No bugs but your safety program should scan it as you download anyway.

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If you're writing simple .docs and working simple spreadsheets, OO will be just fine. If you use any advanced features in Office, you may have to relearn how to perform the same operations in OO. If you are sharing files with other Office users, you'll have to remember to save your files in MS format instead of the default Open format. Nothing to lose by giving it a test drive.

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I use Open Office and it's been pretty stable. There are some minor conversion issues from Word documents - odd stuff like a different bullet points or page headers that don't follow "different, first page".

I think you'll find it to be a lot like Office in terms of function layout, so you won't be hunting for, say, the bold button.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I only use Open Office now on all my computers. Works great I always use the drop down menu when saving a file and save it in the .doc format instead of the default OO format that way if I do have to send it to someone using Office they can access it.

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OO v3.3.0 is currently 136.79 MB. It will not conflict with your Office 2000 so you can leave it on your system without concern.

If you want compatibility with Office the only thing you will have to do is remember when you create a document in OO to save it in the format you wish; .doc. If you don't it will default to .odt


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In OO go to tools/options/load & save/general/ always save as "Microsoft word 97/2000/zp/2007

Then you want have to remember, it does it auto....

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