dacor classic gas cooktop vs dcs cdu304

tjain_seattleAugust 5, 2013

Hello, My husband and I are a first time home buyer and for some unknown reason we ended up liking a home that needed kitchen updating as its first project :)

We haven't moved in yet - that's 2 weeks out...but we are hoping to get some updates in these couple weeks which includes replacing counter top and switching the electric cooktop out for a gas cooktop. The range is already on the island and has a downdraft. We are likely going to buy a Zephyr island hood. All other appliances will be over the course of the next year - no urgency.

At the moment I will appreciate you guys' insights/recommendations on the following list of stainless steel cook tops that I have shortlisted based on $1000 - $1200 budget for it. My requirements list is a 30" cooktop, 4 burners (better use of space) and ease of cleaning.

Here we go:

1. Dacor Classic model ($849): Its so cheap, it makes me nervous. The first cooktop I saw in the appliance store was a Dacor Reniassance model and fell in love with it primarily after I heard about its ease of cleaning - This model is in the list only because of bead blasted top :)
2. DCS CDU304 i like the layout but looks super bulky
3. GE Profile JGP940 meets most of my requirements except my concern for ease of cleaning

Anyone have experience with any of the above? Did they ever make your shortlist? Any insights truly appreciated!

Thanks for reading.

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I think the reason you have not received any replies the last couple of days is that there is very little to distinguish these cooktops.

They are all 30" cooktops with sealed burners to the left and knobs to the right.

The Btus are very similar but the GE has the lowest low and highest high.

The only items that would need to be serviced/replaced would be the igniter and spark module. None of them are proprietary but what GE uses would be the easiest to find.

None of these brands have a stellar reputation for quality or customer service.

Unless you are in love with the idea of buying a niche luxury brand I would get the GE.

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I disagree - DCS burners are much better than the others - incredible simmers - I've had a DCS range for years and love the burners.

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GE has a 6k btu simmer burner.

DCS a 10k btu simmer burner.

Per usual they all claim 140 degree simmer.

It is almost always true that the lower rated burner will go at least a little lower.

I take it nobody on the board has used all three cooktops for years.

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Thanks for the follow up and help guys!
The only reason I was leaning towards Dacor classic was the bead blasted technology which seems to be easiest to clean (Cleaning being a top priority) Am I overrating the bead blast tech?? Its based on what I heard from the sales person and a few gw reviews...

I looked at the DCS and the grates looked very bulky...i am pretty petite and had a hard time lifting it even :: ...so that is probably out for me even though it has the best reviews.

I am a vegetarian (ie dont need high high BTUs for cooking) and do not know what simmering is used for traditionally. So, my concern for a extreme BTUs is limited.

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DCS, at least the range, has a brushed SS top that is incredibly easy to clean. The burners on the DCS are dual stacked burners - each burner has a separate simmer burner under the main burner. My 17K burner can produce a lower simmer than most dedicated simmer burners. Yes, the grates are solid. Simmering is useful for leaving things on low heat and forgetting about it - I've never had anything burn. You can melt butter and leave it alone without it burning.

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Placed an order for Dacor classic. Now on to more important stuff - like getting the gas connection for it ;)

Thanks so much for all your inputs!

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