Aging in place - best location for wall mount toilet?

elphaba_gwAugust 22, 2012

Below are two pictures of same space though they may look a little different.

Main question I have is where is best location for the wall mounted toilet.

Can't go on the wall with the pocket door.

This bath has a curbless shower with a 5 ft radius for wheelchair turnaround, I'm trying to keep "aging in place" in mind though not a pure ADA bathroom so don't ask me about clearance beneath the sink, please.

Regarding the toilet, I thought it might be easier to move from a wheelchair to a toilet seat from the side, hence the first picture with a space next to the side of the toilet for a wheelchair. Not sure where to put "tall cabinet" in this first one.

Second picture is somewhat better esthetically and gives me a better place to put a towel bar and robe hook. Don't know if approach from the front in a wheelchair (or a walker) is really any better or worse. Will the tall cabinet get in the way in this second one? It can possibly be attached as a wall cabinet so as not to interfere with wheelchair beneath.?

I would like to hear anyone's opinions. There is lots of stuff I could write about why the layout is the way it is but thought I'd try to focus on main problem keeping me from finalizing the layout and that is the toilet location. Everything else, I'm fairly happy about (including washer/dryer stack outside the door and narrow depth vanity.)


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Sophie Wheeler

Move the vanity and sink to the other wall, remove the stub wall in the shower and put the toilet on the left wall. Essentially create a wet area for the toilet and shower. THat will allow the space in the shower to be utilized for access if needed and combines the needed turnaround room for both shower and toilet.

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You might also consider installing a grab bar like this while you're at it:

Here is a link that might be useful: Moen Grab bars

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Hmm... interesting. I have no response to your question because I know nothing about layout. But, I'm wondering if there is there a reason you want a wall-mounted toilet only because a frequent aging issue is the height of the toilet. Granted my parents were about 5'8" and 6'1" (in the day) but they both appreciated having the toilet raised as it became more difficult for them to get up from the toilet. That wouldn't be an option with a wall-mounted one without a lot of work I wouldn't think. But maybe that isn't a big issue if you are not on the tall side. Just something to consider I guess.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toilevator

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You can install a wall-mounted toilet at any height you want. I'm creating an aging-in-place bathroom and have a wall-mounted toilet at 18 inches which seemed the most comfortable to me. I've seen recommendations for anywhere from 18 to 20 inches when planning for the future.

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