Help replacing subzero 30" with another brand

lgordon424August 9, 2013

My R211 subzero is 29 years old and I noticed a leak in the freezer when I saw a sheet of ice on the floor below the pull out shelf. When the repair person came, he said it couldn't be fixed: 1) the drain was probably clogged and there was no room in the kitchen to pull out the refrigerator to get to it and 2) the screws in the unit that the fan is housed in are all corroded and if they opened it, they couldn't close it. Since the compressor was fine and there wasn't an issue with freon, he suggested I put a container on the top shelf to collect the drippings so iI wouldn't get a frozen sheet of ice building up. Now I'm looking to replace it with another brand as a new one goes for $8000 and a floor model, if i can find one with a right hinge goes for $4950. Any suggestions that will fit in the 30" space?

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I can't find the specs on the R211.

How high is it?

30"x24"x ?

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Not a lot of choices for 30" built ins - and most are $7,000 - $8000 !

30 years @ 8 grand is only $275 year.

30" that I know of off hand:

Thermador Freedom.
sub-zero'>Sub Zero
GE Monogram's new fully integrated offering
Liebherr has or had a 30" for $4000 but no drawer freezer and not as well built as these others.
Northland has a 30" too but it is a top freezer model

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I take issue with xedos' comment regarding Liebherr being "not as well built as these others". I own a Liebherr refrigerator/freezer and I find it to be built at least as well as the Sub-Zero it replaced. It also is very energy efficient and much quieter in operation.

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I have a Liebherr 30", it has a two drawer freezer. I chose it over the 30" S-Z, and not because it was over 2k less, I just liked it better. Love it! ,... and no complaints

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kat - you're certainly welcome to your issue - but I see em all just about every day and I can tell you emphatically that the Leibherr is a step down in quality.

Glass is thinner, drawer slides are less beefy and smooth, and the drawers don't extend as far, (and in some cases don't exist on liebherr drawers - you just get to ride on the bin plastic) , that plastic is flimsier, hinges less substantial, and on.

Now, is this an indictment of Liebherr ? Not really, it's a solid choice in a mid priced fridge - but that reduced cost is reflected in the product. SZ, Miele, Thermador, ect... are not pocketing and xtra $3,000+ dollars a unit in pure profit over Liebherr for the same thing.

Comparing a new fridge to an end of lifespan , or even a 5-6 year old model on energy and noise isn't really fair at all. Of course a new model is quieter and more miserly on the power, doesn't matter what brand you chose to compare.

Since I like cars , I'll give you a comparison: Mercedes is a fine car , but it's not AS well built as a Bentley. Doesn't cost like one either, and this is the same thing I'm saying about the fridges.

I'm sorry you inferred my assessment as a knock on Liebherr.

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Look into the Fhiaba-the interior is solid stainless steel, and has quite a few neat features. It reminds me of a more robust Miele. I was told it's in the same price range as the SubZero (will check tomorrow), and as best as I can tell, the warranty is just as good -12 years(feedback anybody??!!) I'm planning on calling Applied Luxury, which is the US distributor in the am (they're in New York-Buffalo?) to try to get some additional info myself. One really kick a*# feature-the bottom freezer can be turned into additional frig space!!! Oh-and it makes two kins of ice cubes-that would be CUBES, not wedges (important to the DH).
Shelves that adjust without removing stuff, computer alerts, short cycle to bring back stuff inside to temp (SZ takes 48 hours, or at least that's how I'm reading their website), and plenty of interior lighting. Hope someone else has one so I can learn the pros and cons from a real person. Laura

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The Fhiabas are so new to the market that you won't find many places that sell them. Fewer that actually have one up and running and even fewer people that have one in their home.

They are too new for the usual suspect to test one an opine on it also.

Given the price list I saw, it is easily the most expensive of the bunch.

If you don't mind being a guinea pig or like being the Jones, one might be for you.

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