need inexpensive way to cover exposed foundation - QUICK!!!!

sprice5105July 17, 2008

We are supposed to finish our house and close the loan at the end of this month. We are really cutting it close.

The exterior still isn't finished but it is close. We need to finish the front porch and cover the exposed block foundation.

We have hardi-board siding but there is a band of framing covered with tyvek about 1'6" all the way around the house that we had planned on putting the cultured stone on.

However, we are over budget and now I would really like to save some money at the end of the build. I thought of just doing what I call stucco on the bottom (I don't think it is really stucco, more like mortar smeared on the block and then painted) but not sure if that can be done on the area with the tyvek.

I am not too concerned with giving up the stone because really when the landscaping is established in a couple of years, you wouldn't see much of the stone anyway.

Here is a picture before the backfill was done yesterday, there is much less block to cover than this shows but gives you and idea of the tyvek band I was talking about.

But I am panicked and need suggestions to get finished ASAP!!!

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Sprice...DH and I just painted our "stucco" foundation yesterday (it's actually S-type mortar). We had originally planned for stone too, but budget constraints kept us from it. We caught the housewrap problem before the siding went on. To remedy the situation we had them add a 10" band of trim to the bottom of the siding to bring it down to the level of the block. We'll still be using stone on the porches and steps, but I think it would have been a little much on the entire foundation when it will be hidden by shrubs anyway. It looks really nice and I'm actually glad that we didn't go with the stone.

I'm not sure what kind of prep would have to be done to do the stucco over the framing, but I'm sure it could be done. I'll post some pics of what we did later this afternoon if you'd like to see it.

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Forgot to mention that it was really inexpensive to do...$1100. It took 3 guys one day to do it. Our footprint is approx 75 X 60 and the foundation varies from grade level to 8' high. It averages about 6'.

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I think what you are thinking of is called parging. A parge coat over the block will make it look more finished and you can paint over it if you don't want the "cement" color. It is typically done in a swirl finish. Any mason will know what you are talking about and be able to do this. Nice house, and congratulations on being so close!


Here is a link that might be useful: definition of parge

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Never heard the term parge before. Followed the link and had to follow another to learn what "rugosity" was in order to understand parge. What fun! LOL

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Thank you all!

I talked to the builder and he is sending the mason out today to give an estimate. He said the mason charges $2.00/sq. ft. for this. Does that sound reasonable? Heck, even if it is high, it will still be less than stone and can be done quickly (hopefully!)

I told him I was 99.9% sure this is the way we will go, and the siding guys will just put a trim board under the flashing then stucco underneath.

What a relief!!!

You guys are the greatest.

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