Gas standalone range with space heating component?

aliris19August 11, 2011

Gas standalone range with space heating component: Does anyone make such a device? That is, a single standalone unit that melds a room -heating component to the side of it? I ask because we have one that used to function that way, there was a kerosene heater on the side of the gas stove. The kerosene was dismantled long ago but I'm wondering whether such an appliance could still be had?

And if not, out of curiosity, why not?

Plus, if so, is it wise? That is - I'm remembering the old telephone-plus-answering-machine-plus-whateverallelse ... the advice there when the custom was to start loading multiple functions into one unit - the observation was that basically if a single appliance does more than one thing, likely they do them all poorly and you're better off just buying two dedicated-function units. So I'm wondering whether even if, say, this kind of dual-purpose heating device existed whether you'd be better off just getting a stove and heater anyway?

Thanks, ever-knowledgeable-ones.

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Gas on Gas ranges are no longer made you may want to check with RV dealers they still may have access for trailers

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Fori is not pleased

There's always a bunch of craigslist. :) Usually pre-1950s, and often quite beautiful. I think the setup has certain applications and without knowing what YOU need, we can't really advise one way or another.

RVs have separate furnaces and cooking appliances, with the furnaces vented out.

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hmmm...storing kerosene in a gas stove....

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Fori is not pleased

You make it seem like a bad idea. :P

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This sounds like something Jay Leno would show on his white trash repairs segment :-)

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Is this for Maine, as you've referred to in other threads? Because there is the Aga cooker. It was originally designed for the blind, so doesn't have temperature adjustments. Rather, it's a big hunk of cast iron with a central furnace which is always on (some people turn it off for the Summer). In Northerly climates, like Scandinavia, where it was invented, and England, where it has continuing popularity, it provides a gentle constant warmth, if one is to believe those who use it.

There are two large, covered plates on top. One is high heat, and the other is for simmering. Several pots can sit on either plate. There's a hinged cover for each, to retain heat while not in use. The higher heat, boiling plate, is rumored to lose its oomph after being open for a good period. There are also four small ovens with different temperatures in each. Many uses call for starting something in one oven, then moving it to a different one to finish. Also, because the heat is central, dishes often should be turned partway through cooking, because of the hot spot, and the cooler area by the door.

Some people love these! It's not a gigantbird/cookies for three troups kind of appliance, but it's very homey and cozy and pretty and fun. :) And it can keep the kitchen warm.

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Yes! plllog - thanks; it is for Maine. I was actually up til 4am last night reading that mega-thread about AGAs. They sound absolutely wonderful. But, unfortunately, too "special" for this use. That is, there are several families who may come to the hearth, and most would be not of the old-timey mind set that could take to this. I would absolutely love it, frankly. I'm ready to move permanently and center my whole life around the thing, to tell you the truth. But others won't be. Drat. I'm disappointed! I thought it was the answer at first, but then as I kept reading I realized how peculiar it is - that's not the right word - "exceptional", perhaps.

The sort of range I need actually needs to hit a greater lowest common denominator. That is, be more accessible to more people. So the AGA is just too aberrant but its look would be terrific. I think the French ranges are too fussy though.

I don't actually at all get the references to kerosene being a low-class substance. It's just the way the stove is...! I found a little interesting history of it here. It's the Johnson-Claflin range mentioned about half-way through the article. There used to be a photo of it online but it was pulled. I could post one if anyone cares but it's not as unique as I had once thought. There are tons of cool old ranges available out there, as has been pointed out.

Here we go: this is it. Only ours is probably a little newer as the wood part is oil not wood. That article mentioned this change happening after the war.

Anyway, I think my priorities are: (i) appearance (ii) function (iii) ability to be not vented (iv) heating component.

So I'll start again trying to cess out what is vintagey-looking and go from there.

Thanks, all!

p.s. fori - sorry, what I'm needing is according to the priorities listed above, a stove to function well at churning out a lot of boring-quality food for too many people whose attention is really elsewhere. It needs to be safe, hardy (not break down), and look old-ish. It needs to be not vented. I think it needs 6 burners. It needs probably more than one oven. It would be really good if it could also heat the room but that may be just asking for too much (for some reason; I don't really know why but I guess it's just not done anymore. It seems to me like it would be a good idea, but evidently not).

Guadalupe - thanks for the RV thoughts. I'm guessing they would be maximizing space though and I can afford -- need it, actually, to be bigger. Volume is more important than the heating functionality.

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Fori is not pleased

Still don't know what you want except for some sort of vague generalizations so can't offer anything except suggesting if you get two separate units, your choices will expand exponentially.

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