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DualvansMommyAugust 30, 2012

I'm about to start my kitchen renovations and spent months on research with new applicances that hubby and i want for our kitchen...

we really want feedback, as i am an avid cook, stay at home with a family who likes to make meals from scratch. I make a lot of homemade soups, tomato sauces (for pasta dinners) large pasta dinners, roastings (never felt like to do it often as my exisiting oven is TINY)

the two areas I am struggling with is whether to get a 5 or 4 burner on my gas cooktop; it has to be 30 inches drop in cooktop. The brand i picked seemed to fit my needs but if you have anything better that fits my needs, tell me! is a 5 burner really helpful for intensive cooking or will 4 do? as i'll have double wall ovens with convenction options too.

likewise for my dishwasher....miele or bosch. I'm confused what model to go for with miele whereas i have a model in mind with bosch. again, feedback is appreciated here...

in addition, i cannot get bluestar for my cooktop option, as nearest ones is 50 miles away from me. I'm considering to bosch, wolf, or GE monogram (again it has to be 30 inches)

list below:

Gas Cooktop:

Bosch 800 Series 30-in 5-Burner Gas Cooktop


Wall Oven:

Electrolux ICON 30-in Convection Double Electric Wall Oven )



Samsung 25.5 cu ft French Door Refrigerator ENERGY STAR

Model #: RF4267HARS


Bosch 800 Series 24-in Built-In Dishwasher ENERGY STAR

Model #: SHE68R55UC

Many thanks!!

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You cannot get 5 pans on a 30" cooktop unless they are tiny. Having 5 burners is a waste unless you can move to a 36" which you say you can't. In addition, you will need a pretty good vent to go with a high BTU cooktop, and you've not indicated your choices under consideration for that. The choice of cooking appliance and vent should be coordinated.

If you are going with a Samsung refrigerator, I'd take a look at the new 31 cubic foot model. More capacity is always a better choice.

If you are OK with the Euro standard of no heated dry and the filter screen then the Bosch is a fine choice. If you want heated dry and a food grinder, you should look at Kitchenaid.

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Thanks GreenDesigns,

Your comments on the 5 burner is exactly what my husband felt too. So, since having "36 inch is completely out and i just came back from looking at cooktops. I saw how small the cooktop is with 5 burners, so that decided it for me. 4 burners it is, and we'll be having a vent too, just not sure which one to go for!

the other brand i was considering is the miele but its pricey though, so since we don't need new applicances till november...figure i can get it on a deal during the holidays??

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Also, forgot to indicate my fridge choices in last reply...i have a small kitchen, and as such my contractor is making 36 x 72 hole to house a 25-26 cubic fridge. I would love for more capacity but the most i think i can squeeze in is 28 cubic max.

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The Samsung is only 36"W x 72" high just like any other standard sized fridge.

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Sammy makes a larger capacity french door fridge (31cf) around that size, but it is deeper than the smaller units.

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You might consider an induction unit or two that can be put away when you need additional burners. There is a poster on another forum that has all induction units that can be put away-no cooktop at all.

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