God doesn't want me to paint

coolbeanswAugust 15, 2012

Decided to do the painting in my hall bath reno -- too small to hire a painter, I think. Bought and painted swatches of 4 different colors, all icky. Settled on 5th color, and bought a gallon. Primed the walls today and managed to fall off the step stool and land wrist-first on my new porcelain tile floor. Aaaargh. Spent an hour in the ER to learn wrist is sprained, not fractured. Yeah! Five hours later -- with much icing, bandaging, and Advil -- decided to try to paint, before the toilet and sink are installed tomorrow morning. Opened the paint and discovered .... It's the wrong color!!

Thanks for listening.

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Ouch! Maybe he doesn't agree with your color choice?

Hope u feel better and your next attempt is successful.


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Omg! You poor thing!

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yeah, I bet it was just the color He didn't like...

hope your wrist heals soon. Those things are painful!

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At least you didn't break the new tile ;)

Sorry, and hope you're pain-free soon!

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