matte glazed ceramic for shower?

mahatmacat1August 24, 2012

Hi folks,

Trying to find gold colored tile for the shower floor in our last bathroom and I'm wondering if I can use Dal matte glazed ceramic 2x2? It's not as slippery as really shiny glazed ceramic, but then again it's not porcelain -- but I can't find an unglazed porcelain color that works with the floor tile, which I want to work with.

Is it safe enough to do? It's not a shower that's used all that much. Thanks in advance.

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And how bad would it look if I use matte almond color ceramic for the shower and then have white commode right next to it and a white sink? I refuse to buy a new commode -- we just bought it a few years ago...but is that just Not Done? DH really doesn't want to have a white shower base with the gorgeous Atlas Concorde Fibra Canvas tiles we've found...

The colors I'm working with: dark walnut vanity, labradorite counter, these Fibra tiles in kind of a beigeish-green-grey-linen texture, some Crossville 6x6s that I found that are kind of a darker version of the color of the labradorite, and white fixtures (and chrome hardware). The almond 2x2s I picked up just because I love the texture and they're so retro looking...but maybe I can't use them? Does white have to be the only neutral in the room if the sink and commode are white? Help!

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Hey stranger!! Nothing wrong with it at all. In fact, there's a floor series that I used alot from Dal called Gold Rush (not sure if it's still available) that was a glazed matte tile. The saving grace is it's a 2x2, meaning lotsa grout joints, and that's what will give you your traction.

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Hi Bill -- nice to 'see' you : ) That helps a lot--if you do it, it's clearly best practice. The tile has such a cool retro vibe I really am hoping I can use it, although maybe I should look for another color, since using almond color in a room with white fixtures--may be a no-no..

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How dark is your almond? You could add a few white tiles to the floor if you think it will help it to tie together. This is one of our showers.

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Hi deke,

Thanks so much for that beautiful picture. I love your choices--marmoleum for the floor? What's the counter? I like the detailing around the outside of the shower half wall, too. Brilliant. Combining a painted wall with tile edging--also cool. Best of both worlds : )

Your color choices help a lot too. Today we decided to use "urban putty" unglazed porcelain 1x1s in the shower to go with the Atlas Concorde Fibra Canvas field tile. It's darker than the 'almond' so I think we'll be safe--far enough off white to be clearly contrasting.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for the compliments. Yes, that is Marmoleum on the floor. The room is just the right width to be able to use the sheet Marmoleum and not have any seams. The counter is granite. It was a remnant of HL Green that matched the Marmoleum.

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You must have loved when you realized you could match granite and marmoleum!

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