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jerry_njApril 8, 2013

First, I took a look on "the web" and found what looks like a more complicated and risky situation than I'd go into without checking here for the easy answer.

Second, the only problem for me so far is the warning popup - I do not have any need for the service indicated, or if I do I don't know it yet.

Upon boot (W8 is very fast, hooray) but after I enter my password and click on the desktop tile the lower right hand of the screen sees a popup:
[Failed to connect to a Windows Service. All user install agent service] It further suggests [review system event log for details about this problem] I can not find any such log, and the (I'm not yet happy with) W8 Search can not find the log in [apps, settings, files] Is that the total list of places it might reside. In W7 the search just looked everywhere, I believe.

The web search led me down the path, which assumed I looked at the event log, of making changes in the Registery. I try to avoid making changes in the Registery.. but would of course first make a Restore Point.

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Might take a look at below link... its the Microsoft help forums.

Pretty much says some users fixed that problem by holding the power button in to cause the computer to do a hardware reset & crash out of windows .. so windows does an error check too.

I like to put the Computer icon on my desktop.. right click desktop and choose personalization & there is a desktop icons link to add it...   
One of the reasons I like Computer on desktop is for my habit of using it for easy access by right clicking to start the Management Console & it contains many things including the   
Event Viewer / Custom Views / Administrative View... that your error message for the All User Install agent would probably show .   
That's service is for the new Start Page Tiles & mainly installing new apps I guess, It must either have one hung or possibly checks updates at boot. 

Here is a link that might be useful: [Probems with Windows All\-User Install Agent service not able to run](

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Thanks, I didn't know doing a power-down to shut the PC off caused the next power-on to do a deeper restart via the boot process. I may give it a try, but it sounds like a kluge-fix to me. I expect more from Microsoft that do a "power reset".. given this issue seems to crop up in several places and has for several months.

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Imagine the proper way would be to run the windows update trouble shooting and follow with the DISM tool. But also imagine the users that discovered that fix have already tried the proper ways.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Okay, I did a power off shut down. I did it after signing in and clicking for the desktop - thus the warning popped up.

The Windows Services warning is not longer showing.

I noticed the boot following the power down took longer, at lest 3 or 4 times as long... could be the OS is busy checking and fixing - I had no idea, but do recall W7 and older coming up wiht an option to do a "safe" (forgeet the title) or regular boot. W8 did not take any action, other than a slow boot, to indicate it didn't have a normal shut down.

The operation seemed slower for a few minutes, even when operating in the browser.

Having some problems again, right now, with the browser jumping without me specifically clicking on anything. I'll check, but it is my guess the W8 also "fixed" my touch pad, returning its touch to click feature. I'll check and fix that my way.

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Follow up, the power down did not change the touch pad settings. The jumping around while on the browser may be due to other touch pad options I have not disengaged. This touch pat provides form some "hand ops"... mimicking the some of the simple touch screen operations I think.

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The more I read about W8, the more convinced I am that I'll stick with W7 and Vista.

So shoot me!

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Is that your best shot?

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