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susie_queJanuary 5, 2011

Ok so the old job is just about dead in the water...I figured that when my calls go unanswered and my discount card no longer works....ahem.

All is not lost, I found a job pretty quickly and have been at it for almost a month. Its not a bad job-its actually kinda fun and while it is nowhere near what I was making, its ok. Plus I've already invested in the wardrobe.

The people I work with are nice and there is a LOT of room for advancement. I have to get thru 90 days and its pretty much my job.

I've worked a LOT of hours over the holidays and now they are tapering off...I gave them unlimited availability so my hours are crazy-work til 11 one night and back in at 11 the next day ect...

Truth be told I forgot about the cafeteria job prospect until they called yesterday and wanted me to start today!!!

(for once I am so happy to be down with the crud because after mentioning that I was sick she said I can start on Monday)

Monday I have to work the retail job at 11 am. YIKES!!!!

I am afraid if I ask the bosses at the retail job to work me only at night, it may look bad for me since I already gave them unlimited availabilty.

I am also afraid that my hours are going to be cut and will need a second job to suppliment my income.

The cafeteria job is as an alternet...well thats what she said when I filled out my app. At the time I did not have the retail job and was willing to just about do anything to get a paycheck-yes I was desperate and said YES!

In the meantime I had a phone interview 3 weeks ago with the folks at Wegmans....that would be my dream job and would trump anything alse I already have. I was told I would hear something soon so I am waiting and I check my e mail every day for the dreaded deny letter but so far no e mail, phone call, nada! So I hope that means I still have a chance there!!

But seriously what should I do about the caf job??

I'd hate to risk my retail job for the caf however I think I would LOVE the caf job which would free up my nights and summer.




ps....petsmart also called me and I haven't called him back either-its only minimum wage so I think I'll call and tell him no thanx LOL.

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Susie, can you have a chat with your boss at the retail store and find out whether you will be receiving substantially reduced hours now that the holiday season has ended?

If they know that you need full time hours to support your family and they can only offer you part time hours, they should understand that you will need to take on a second job.

I would think it would be more difficult to staff the evenings so if that is the case they might be happy to have you request evenings only.

I sure hope you hear back from Wegmans. That would be a wonderful store to work for.


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Well wegmans did not call today but a shoe store here in NJ did! They need folks for nights and weekends LOL!!

I told the lady I accepted another offer and she said my app would remain on file and if my circumstances change to call her back.

I have to make an appointment to be fingerprinted in order to work at the school...its mandatory and really not a big deal so perhaps I will at least schedule that in the meantime while I speak to my department manager tomorrow.

I never thought in a million years that I would be working in apparel. Its so far removed from what I've done for 27 years!! Its a lot of running around the dept and a LOT of folding but its also a lot of helping people which I love to do and I've already earned a charm (small award) and was recognized at the daily meeting for re-tooling the denim wall and made it more efficient.
Its more wear and tear on the body but so much less stress and I;m starting to feel not so tired at the end of my shifts so I guess I'm getting used to it but let me tell you those first few days were just terrible on my back!!

We'll see how it all goes!


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Can you call Wegmans to check on the status of your application? It could help to do that, to remind them that you're interested, if you still are.

I like Ann's suggestion, but also, I'd go with your gut. What feels right to you?


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