Online bathroom hardware stores

nanjean68August 3, 2012

Someone posted an online store a while back called Are there any others? Thanks.

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We had a bathroom built in our basement a few years ago. I ordered almost everything from FaucetDirect. They, by far, had the best prices. Delivery was prompt, and I liked that I could pay them through PayPal. The only think I didn't like was that the heavier items were curbside delivery. Then again, so are most companies.

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For me it's They often post discounts codes, like on weekends. I bought all mine Hansgrohe shower plumbing stuff from them. None of the other sites came close.
Also, check

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Thanks for the tip about I found a Hansgrohe shower there a *lot* cheaper than anywhere else, so I went ahead and ordered it. What I don't like is that there's no indication of whether or not the item is in stock. Some of the other sites are better with that information.

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We found the model name &/or number of our items & did a google search for them.
Selected their shopping section & sorted the prices from all their vendors.

While we loved & their service, using the google method, we were able to save hundreds off by using others via google shopping.

Just another idea for you to save money.

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