Question for Mongoct re Hansgrohe shower fixture

jerzeegirlAugust 9, 2014

I see that you know a lot about Hansgrohe and wonder if you can help me out. I am planning to buy the Thermostatic value with diverter and along with it the IBox Universal that is required. They also suggest I buy the iBox extension kit. Do you know if it is often that one needs the extension kit? I don't really want to buy it unless I really have to, but how would I know?.

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It's a 1" extension plate that is used if the wall layers are too thick, or if the iBox set too deep and it can't be pulled forward, for whatever reason.

I've used it when the walls are floated mud, a couple of inches thick.

In a typical installation with 1/2" tile backer board and 1/4" tile on the walls, you shouldn't need one.

If you do need one? Shop around. It's usually listed for almost $60 but you can source it for $25-$30.

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Thanks, mongo! I think I will skip it buying it. My walls will be replaced with standard Durock and then kerdi. Sounds like I won't need it. If I eventually end up needing it, I am sure the plumber can scare one up.

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