Master Bath Plan 16 x 9

mirucaAugust 19, 2012

I am looking for suggestions on the layout for a 16 x 9 master bath with the entry door along one end of the 16' wall. Want a walk-in shower, jacuzzi tub, and double sinks - with some privacy for the toilet.

Also - the laundry backs up to the 9' wall near the entry - I was trying to leverage plumbing with this but have not been successfull.

I've tried several options and none of them "click" - hoping someone has already walked this path or at least has a keener eye than I. Have embedded the plan - the dimensions show an inch off for some reason that I've yet to figure out. Appreciate all suggestions!

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Can someone post what standard or reasonable walk in shower and jacuzzi size would be? I don't know the technical stuff, but I love puzzles like this. Gives my brain a break from my kitchen planning, and I always think more ideas is better, even if just for discussion.

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I think you might should consider *turning* your bath... esp if this is a new build. What direction are the joists running under this space? (my guess is up/down or N/S as diagrammed).

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We have a similar size bathroom and this is what Summerfield designed when I asked for input. Our final design was not exactly the same, but very close and we really like it.

I realize that ours has the hallway on an outside wall, but I thought you might be able to use it as a starting idea

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dekeobe thanks for Summerfields design! I tried about six different ways ... but I never thought about putting the vanity/sinks across from each other!

kirkhall - this will be new construction with N/S joists. Re turning the room around - do you mean both the closet and bath should be the other direction - stretching from the bedroom to the outside wall? One of the rooms would be under 8' wide then.

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Argh. I composed a fairly long message and then left the page prior to posting.

First, thanks for loading the plan that shows the surrounding rooms. But window locations are needed too.

Anyhow, a quick review. And I certainly understand that we all design to our own needs, our own lifestyle, our own economics. But I'll throw out a few ideas "just in case":

I revamped your plan a bit. The overall gist is that in my opinion, pocket doors are fine when the either required due to limited floor and wall space, or for seldom used "occasional doors". I do recommend you ditch some of the pocket doors for 3-0 hinged doors.

Personally, I don't like the double door leading into your bedroom. Double doors are used to show a dramatic view, so to speak, and with your double doors open, all you see are the closet doors. I replaced it with a single hinged 3-0 door and left the swing as you had it, out into the upper foyer, with the single door centered on that wall.

The open "laundry balcony". I enclosed it. Again, I think in design that open spaces seem great. Airy, spacious, etc. But after a few years when the novelty wears off, a very common remodel is to enclose that seldom used space into something more functional. A large laundry room where you can easily hide your dirty laundry would be an excellent use of this space. For simplicity's sake I centered the laundry door on that wall. It can be shifted if needed.

The closet door...again, I ditched the sliders for a single hinged 3-0 door. For closet functionality, it might be best to have that door centered on the closet space, so inside the closet there would be roughly 2-1/2' of wall space on either side of the door. I popped it in the wall so it'd be directly opposite the bedroom entry door.

I slid the bathroom/laundry wall to the right a bit.

I move the bathroom door "north" into that common space, that allows the use a more easily operated 3-0 hinged door without impinging on any bathroom space.

If you can post the window locations it'll be easier to mess with the overall bathroom/closet design.

Sorry for intruding on your design. Feel free to discard these changes!

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mongoct - thank you for diving in on this plan - you have some great suggestions. Please have at it as much as you want :) I can clarify some things:

1. Windows will depend upon bath layout - so it is an open slate right now.

2. Double doors - at first I had a single but it looked odd both from the hall and inside the room. The doors opened to about 4'6 or 5' hallway with custom closet doors - both visually unique and operationally. With your other proposed changes - I will rethink this entry.

3. Closet -intent is large opening in the center(modeled on a much liked closet) - so narrow(about 2'each) sliding panels push out from the center to either side

4. Laundry - perfect :) One of those why didn't I see that moemnts!

5. Pocket doors - I think the there was only one - at the entry to the bath - with your changes that is not needed!

Double door view before..

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Yes, that was my suggestion. A closet does not need to be 8 feet wide. So, I guess it goes to preference then... But, plumbing is a big factor here, and if your joists run N-S, turning your bathroom might be the better choice.

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dekeobe- LOVE the floorplan you submitted. We are working on a master remodel and I just can't get the right flow in the room. Yours might work in our space. !! Only difference is we will have a clawfoot tub which would replace your jacuzzi. Looking at your space-would a free standing tub look odd in the tub area? Any chance you can post pics for finished view?

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ppalm - A clawfoot tub would look great in the tub area. Here is how it looks with our soaking tub.

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Thanks!~That jacuzzi makes me want to rethink the clawfoot!! Such a nice bright bathroom you must have! Another question-do you have half walls in the front of your shower or are those full walls? This process is KILLING me ! Really appreciate your input and taking the time to send the tub pic. :-)

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kirkhall - thanks - will think about the joist issue. The preference on the 8' closet is enjoying that two (or three with kids in and out)can comfortably be in the closet at the same time - plenty of room to try things on or get dressed.

dekeobe - thanks for the visual! I really do like that layout.

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dekeobe - curious ... what did you change from Summerfield's layout design?

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dekeobe - curious ... what did you change from Summerfield's layout design?

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ppalm - It is too dark around here to get some good pictures, but I have this not very good shot of the shower and my husband's vanity on my computer. As you can see, we have a half wall in front of the shower. It is a little taller than normal so it would be tall enough for a towel ring. Our shower niche is on the other side of that wall.

miruca - We do not have the built in shelves on both sides of the tub as shown in Summerfield's design. I think it actually would have been a bit difficult to drop the tub in on top of the granite if we had done them.

In the shower we did not put in a bench and changed where the shower head is located. We put the stationary and hand held shower heads on the wall where Shummerfield has the bench and put the controls on the wall where she has the shower head. And we changed the swing direction of the shower door.

We did not put a door on the toilet area. I don't really like small, enclosed toilet rooms. And we much prefer the view out those windows, which is what you see when using the toilet.

And there is no wall between the toilet and my vanity. Instead, I copied mongoct's vanity and have a pull-out cabinet. I topped mine with a 12" deep upper cabinet that takes the place of a medicine cabinet.

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" Instead, I copied mongoct's vanity and have a pull-out cabinet."


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dekeoboe - thanks for Summerfield's [lan and the additional information on your completed room - I really like the controls where you put them and the change in door swing. We've incorporated this layout into our plans!

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